The Forgotten Coast…Mexico Beach 3.5 Months After Hurricane Michael….

Hey Peeps! It’s been a while since I blogged. Here’s one of the reasons….You can’t just un-see the unbelievable disaster that is now Mexico Beach, once a prime tourist spot for us Snowbirds to get away from the cold and enjoy a little bit of paradise.

My husband Mike and I went to photograph the devastation there in order to continue to get the word out. We were hesitant at first, as we did not want to disrespect the suffering people of Mexico Beach. However, we do not want to become oblivious to the despair just North West of us. It’s gobsmacking awful to see. It is vast. It is sad. It is mean. It’s simply difficult to process. I’m trying to figure out what my message is here.

….So. I’ll do my best. And you tell me what the message is. Is it “C’mon folks who have plenty; share the wealth”? Or, is it “Boots on the ground, folks-let’s help re-build”? Or is it all of the above and more?

Here’s what I do know. The people that remain there, who are not part of the affluent who may have left and sold to developers, are in need. Members of Facebook pages are pleading for enough gas money to get to work. Mothers are asking for diapers for their babies. Parents are asking for clothing for their children. I read about one individual who told a story of driving a single mother of two small children to the “Group Home For Children”, as she did not have enough food and shelter for her babies. She writes that “they all cried on the way to the shelter” and once they arrived, this sweet soul could not bear to watch the gut wrenching emotional good-bye. She packed all three up and took them to her home that she already shares with three other homeless families.

I will never be able to “un-see” the rubble that once was a home that perhaps a baby was brought home in; that Sunday dinners were once cooked in; that holidays were celebrated – that are no more……

Yes. This group of homes are leaning toward the Gulf of Mexico.

The well-to-do have already moved on. Sold their lots. Settled with their Insurers…But what about the ordinary people? The locals who have lived in Mexico Beach all their lives; who need the tourists to make a living; who want nothing more than their beloved town back. What about them? What is being done? Here is a link to a great article forwarded to me by one of my furever friends:-

The landscape is different now and will take years to become what was once the beauty of this sweet little vacation town in which the locals were able to raise their families, find jobs and thrive….

Perhaps this once was an entrance way to someone’s paradise
“850 Strong” . That’s the mantra of these strong people. 850 STRONG

And through it all, there is hope
Trees, snapped like match sticks

While Mexico Beach fared the worse by far, our little town of Port St. Joe was also hit by this terrible storm.

Oceanis is now out of her depth

So here’s my message…For the people of this “Forgotten Coast” who have now slid off the grid, all the while we, here at The Cape, watch our beloved ‘dunes” be reconstructed. Please remember, 20.1 miles away, the residence of Mexico Beach are wondering where their next meal will come from. C’mon friends, Snowbirds and Residents – dig deep…and “give a little bit” of your time and/or wallet to those in need.

Please click on the below video, which provides in detail, the needs of Mexico Beach.

Please be diligent as to where you donate to ensure all your hard earned dollars go directly to relief.

I’ll leave you with this….

“Keep Calm & Donate On”……Life is Good