Our Florida Blog is Back! A recap of our first week in Cape San Blas(t)!

We’ve arrived in Florida to our new beachfront home and we love it! We are going to enjoy the next 2+ months taking photographs of sunsets, dolphins, birds and of course our furbabies and forever friends! So, get ready to be inundated with our photos! I say “ours” as Mikey is just as excited as I am to take these shots..especially the unbelievable sunsets! He also brought his camera as well. So be prepared to be inundated!

Welcome to Casa Verde!

The sunsets from the deck are unbelievable! Sometimes, Mikey just gets in the way of my shots!

…just kidding, of course!
Oh, I’m going to enjoy this!
Photographers dream…

Two things happened to kind of put a downer on our arrival. Brody’s dysplasia was acting up and our truck broke down. Ugh. Yep, 20 minutes out (Port St. Joe), we started to hear a rather alarming rattle…We made it to our destination, but there was concern. Of course, I need to know what the very worst case scenario is…so I can deal with it.

  • The truck can’t be fixed and needs to be written off
  • The truck will cost A LOT of money
  • Brody’s lameness will prevent him to enjoy the beach
  • Brody’s lameness will prevent us from enjoying the beach

As you can see, thankfully none of the above came into fruition!

The first thing we did was rest Brody. Kinda hard when he can see his giant swimming pool right outside his window…but we persevered for a couple of days. Next we got onto the Cape’s facebook page and asked for auto mechanic recommendations…Glenn Kesterson @ Cape Car Care had the most recs! We took our truck to him and he was able to diagnose it right away….Wheel Bearings…gulp. He told us to bring it back on Friday and he would have it fixed. We did and he did! Highly recommend him!

Most important, although Brody still has his (normal) limp on, after a few days rest, he’s much better and now enjoying the beach!

Here’s his first walk! In he goes straight away!

He’s goin in…
he’s in heaven!
and so are we!!
Seriously….this is how (un)crowded the beach is at 9:30 am and it doesn’t get many more people and pups throughout the day, either. Well, not in January….

We’re heading to meet our friends and their pups for our morning dog walk..and Brody sees Suz and runs to greet her as we hold our breath, as we’re trying to keep him quiet and have a nice calm walk….but he can’t help himself!

He’s so happy to see his friends, but human and fur! Nancy, Journey & Suz
Together again! All is right in the world….except we are missing Trevor (golfing) and Jannie who is taking this shot!
Jannie and Mikey; her brother from another mother!
Well, there goes the quiet, calm walk!
Now Journey is just trying to pretend she doesn’t see Brody…maybe he’ll go away?

And then the storm came in, but as with most (other than Hurricane Michael, but that’s another story) storms, they either miss us or go by quickly!

The good news is, we had a downpour of about 5 minutes and the sun came out again…AND Brody was no worse for the wear!

The next day was beautiful and so the Lewin’s dropped over to sit on the beach with us…it was beautiful and warm @ 20C

…and then this happened…

do you see a dolphin…or
..a shark?

All I know is that the person who was throwing a ball into the water for their dog, sure grabbed him and watched this big guy go by…..

Another beach walk (there is a pattern here)…

Mikey, the diet must be working…we’re mere shadows of ourselves!
just loving’ life
lots of shelling here (I’m not allowed any to take home, as I already have a bin full at home)
you coming?
Brody spots Mitch and Ellie!
making sure I’m coming!
We meet up with our furever friends!
Steps to nowhere…Thank you Hurricane Michael
Ellie doesn’t quite understand the fetch and retrieve concept yet! Give her time, she just a babe.

Today is Friday and our truck is fixed! We have wheels again!

It’s another beautiful, warm day (22c) so we decide to head out to scout out our Eagle nests. Now we don’t take our proper gear we would use to photograph these majestic birds, but I do slip in my Nikon and 70-200 lens. I know this lens won’t capture a crisp picture, as we stay quite a distance so we don’t disturb our feathered friends. However, I do just want to grab a couple shots if we see them.

First nest, we don’t see anyone occupying the nest. Sigh.

On to the second nest…. As we approach, we see our first Eagle. It’s the male and he’s flying back into his nest. I have goosebumps just typing, as these birds are unbelievably regal. They are my favourite! We see two people parked ahead. One with a long prime 300 lens (with an extender, I find out). Her camera and lens are decked out in cammo, so we know she’s not just an amateur but a serious birder! She tells us there is a baby in the nest and also the first nest we visited has an unhatched egg that was laid on Christmas Day. I’m not sure how she knows this? I wish I’d have asked. Drones? Anyway, we are delighted to find this out. I felt a little out of my depth pulling out my mere 70-200 lens, but couldn’t help myself…I needed my first shots….

We’re thrilled now and drive on to the next nest. We don’t stop, but we do see someone in the nest feeding…so three out of three ain’t bad! We’ve had our eagle fix for the day. We can’t wait to get back with the proper gear and get some more pictures of these beautiful birds.

So now we are so excited! We got our truck back, we saw our eagles and we are now heading into Apalachicola (check this town out..it’s amazing and our favourite little town!

Our first stop is Oyster Bones which is the best pet store ever! We pick up a pack of dog biscuits that are actually made with ground oyster shells and packed full of goodness! Brody is having the time of his life perusing all the cool toys and treats!

Next, we stroll over the Oyster City Brewing, our favourite place to have a local brew. We love this place as it seems to be ‘the’ place to go to quench your thirst, visit with tourists, snowbirds and locals! They also insist that you bring your pup…can it get any better than that?

We find a bench like table outside and bump into a local who joins us and entertains us for the next two hours, with stories of his life. This 76 year old southern born and bred gentleman was fascinating to listen to! Turns out his son-in-law owns the joint! So we sit there eating the free popcorn, feeding some to the many little sparrows at our feet. They also perch on the side of the water bowls, enjoying a cool drink of the water put out for the dogs. Time flies by (pun intended) and we should get back home. Amazing day.

After a yummy dinner, a bit of the telly, we are off to bed. The snoring is interrupted by Mr. Brody as decides he needs to do his business at 4am. There is a storm brewing outside and the sea is roaring. Our big baby is afraid to go outside. So both Mikey I accompany him in our jammies, on the beach, encouraging him to poop! The moon is full and we can’t help but set up our camera, tripod and 200-500 lens and grab a shot. We laugh at our crazy passion we share at 4am capturing the moon….

It’s Saturday now and the last of our ‘pack’ is arriving late this afternoon. We are all busy making dishes for our pot luck, welcoming our furever friends with dinner they don’t have to cook and our first gathering together! ….more on that in my next blog!

I’ll leave you with this…


2 thoughts on “Our Florida Blog is Back! A recap of our first week in Cape San Blas(t)!

  1. Well, I am thrilled about the blog! I can pretend we are there ✌ love all the pics and hearing how its going – keep blogging 😍

    Kindest regards,

    Kim De Angelis



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