Our England Adventures Continue…. Part II


After over 20,000 steps (and a bum knee) from the day before, we decided to spend the day in Staines-On-The-Thames and go to The George (https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/surrey/the-george-staines) for brunch…You guessed it..Fish & Chips and they did not disappoint!

The George
Great pub…and always busy!
This Wetherspoon freehouse stands on the site of an indoor market that burnt down in 1990. It had been a Tesco store for nearly thirty years before that.
At the beginning of the century two shops occupied the site. Perkins, a fruiterer, and Goring & Sons, butchers. Goring’s were butchers in Staines until the arrival of Tesco.
Much earlier, from the 15th century at least, the George Inn stood on this site. It ceased trading in the late 18th century, and the building was demolished later in the 19th.
From around 1600 until his death in 1625, the George was run by Mr William Gillet. Like many landlords he brewed his own beer, and became fairly well-to-do.
In his will he became the first Staines resident to leave a charitable bequest. He left “Mr Richard Halfaker four pounds a year for life to teach four poor children the Psalter and Testament.”


After noodling around the town, we headed back for a quiet afternoon awaiting George & Brenda to arrive and take us to dinner and then to meet their family. Brenda and George are loooooooong time friends of Mike’s…..Here’s a shot of Brenda and Mike way back when:-

Brenda & Mike….I may ask him to grow his hair back…..HOT!
This is Brenda & George ‘s Wedding…can you pick out Mikey??? Yes, 2nd from the left from that pretty young lady that he says he cannot remember…..

George and Brenda took us to one of their favorite places to dine, The Thames Court and it was magnificent! Lots of charm and culture – cozy and amazing food. (we refrained from the fish & chips as we had them for lunch!) Although it was dark outside, you still knew the River Thames was across the small road in plain view. What a lovely setting.

Psst….I took this pic from their website and can’t take credit for it!
Originally a private residence for the Dutch Ambassador, The Thames Court is still adorned with hand painted Delft tiling and oak panelling, together with a set of beautiful fireplaces. In the 50s The Thames Court became a select private members club, today we welcome guests from all over country to enjoy our riverside setting.

We also had a “trainee” waitress that was about 5 years old that did a wonderful job. She was overjoyed to get a “tip” from us for a job well done! The conversation consisted of a lot of reminiscing of old times, which was very interesting to hear how George and Brenda met Mike (through an old flame!) Thank you Brenda & George again for the lovely meal!

Now off to meet the rest of the family at their lovely home. The home reminded me of a warm, English cottage that you read about in those romantic novels…with the fireplace and the large planked wood floors. It was complemented by a huge garden out back. I wish I had taken some shots of it, as it was done up so nice. It was large and many different areas to sit and enjoy the fish pond as well as, numerous beautiful English gardens.

The Branton family was so warm and friendly. The grandchildren were there and it was a perfect evening and ending to our day.


In keeping with 2019 – everyone on the train is on their phones…well, except Sandra and I! I guess I can’t say that, as I was taking the photos…on my phone!

Nice talking to you boys!
Birthday boy reading all his online birthday wishes!
Anyone that knows Rob, knows that either he’s on his phone OR if he’s actually idle, he asleep!

Our first stop in London is The Nell GWYNNE. A quaint pub that was so small you had to go outside to change your mind. That only added to the ambiance of the charming London pub. Just don’t go to the bathroom if you’ve had too many pints, as when you fall down the steep stairs, you’ll land right in the ladies toilet!

The Nell Gwynne
Built on the site of the Old Bull Inn, the Nell Gwynne Tavern was named after the infamous mistress of Charles II. Nell, born and raised in the locality at St Martin in the Fields, sold fruit in the nearby Covent Garden market before gaining fame as an actress on the Drury Lane stage. Samuel Pepys describes seeing “the mighty pretty Nell” on his way to the Strand in 1667. 
Barnabas Blessed, great-great-grandfather of the actor Brian, was a bookbinder and stationer in the court at the beginning of the 19th Century. And in 1897, William Terris, a well-known actor of the day, was murdered yards from the pub by a stage hand from the neighbouring Adelphi Theatre. 
Today, ‘the Nell’ is one of London’s most charming and historic hidden treasures, offering a great selection of local beers, wines and spirits and a lively but cosy setting just yards from the hustle and bustle of the Strand. It also boasts one of London’s best jukeboxes packed with classic old 45 records – come along and see if we’ve got your favourite track!

Then off to our next stop –

Had to re-create this picture in from of Hardy’s Sweet Shop for my Sis, Lea Ann and Bro – Don

Next up – The Old Crown Public House!

Brothers! And as Rob so often says..”Only Our Mother Can Tell Us Apart”!
Rob and son, Sean

Well, they’re all looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. They kept our next stop, “the” birthday dinner, a surprise. It wasn’t until we walked into this grand hotel that we saw the Fawlty Towers billboard!

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury 
Our table with the Fawlty Towers Crew!
Yes! Those are someone’s underwear that were retrieve by Manuel from under the table!

What a perfect surprise for Mike’s actual birthday! My cheeks hurt so bad from laughing all night long…and the food was also excellent. Thank you Rob & Sandra for an amazing surprise birthday dinner!

Another couple of days in England, spent with family and friends – done and dusted.

Stay tuned……….

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