Apalachicola Oysterfest..and some suckin’ up to do…Day 13 of #21daysofgrateful

Yay!  Apalachicola Oysterfest is here!  But, the day is suppose to be cloudy with thunderstorms.  So, we decide we’ll get over to the Oysterfest BEFORE the rain is to start, around 2pm.

Off we all go, with the exception of two of our pack, as one is under the weather 😦

I didn’t bring along my camera, as I had loads of pics from last year, so I’ll add a couple here….

Yep, there’s shrimp too!
Working hard!
Yummy Oysters!

That was last year. This year, although it was suppose to be a cloudy, rainy day, the sun came out and we indulged in Oysters and Oyster Stew…YUM!! Then it was time to go shopping, so Mikey and Trevor headed over to their favourite drinking spot with the pups…Oyster City Brewing Company. It’s an amazing place to have a pint and bring your pups. We end up meeting the rest of our gang there, who are also enjoying a brew. AND, dum..ta…da…dum….We find out it is Pete and Catherine’s 17th wedding anniversary! Wonderful? Yes! But not for PETE! Oh no… He forgot the day..got it mixed up actually and man did he have a lot of “suckin’ up to do”. So, we’re all sitting there – brewski’s all around (well except for Suz and I as one of us will no doubt be driving our men home!)

That smile is “Dirty Blonde Brew”
Just enjoying this amazing town. Our absolute favorite town in Florida! Apalachicola (say that fast!)
Most friendly fella promoting the Pet Mardi Gras coming soon! Check out the beads…
Catherine – part I of part II that forgot the day..gulp! And..more beads
OKAY, I lied…Suz had a drop
Did I say the pups were all welcome? So welcoming!

So Catherine, what are you looking at off in the distance?

Redemption!!! Check out River with the envelope in his mouth.

Lookie what she got!

Pete, I think you’re forgiven!

Pete, please put this date in your diary for next year! JANUARY 19! K? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!

Before I forget, here are the three things I’m grateful for:

  • I’m grateful the weather held and we were able to enjoy an amazing day at the Apalachicola’s Oyster Fest again this year
  • I’m grateful the most amazing and dog friendly town that Apalachicola brings
  • I’m grateful the “Tornado Watch” didn’t turn into a “Tornado Warning” last night, although many of us didn’t get much sleep listening to the winds!
Calm before the storm – Sunset from the night before
Sunset from night before

I’ll leave you with this….


Life is Good….

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