1st 2019 Furever Friends Movie Night..Day 13 of #21daysofgrateful & Celebrating our Beautiful Granddaughter Hannah’s 7th Birthday!

Are these blogs becoming boring, mo·not·o·nous (I had to look up the spelling) and uninteresting?  Well, here it is.  Some days, that is my life – therefore, although I’ll keep on going with the 21 Days of Grateful, it just may not be consecutive days.  I mean after all, a gal needs some downtime!

We did have the very first Furever Friends movie night of 2019.  We watched “The Green Book”  Check out the trailer here.  If you haven’t seen this movie, It’s worth a watch.   I’d give it a 5 star!  It’s nominated for best picture and although I haven’t seen any others (yet), so far this is my front runner.  Oh please, “Academy” don’t do what you did last year and vote another “fish” movie as winner!

movie night

Mikey preparing the couch covers for our furry “guests”


movie night-2

Catherine and River

movie night-3

OKAY, we’ve got our wine..let the movie roll!

movie night-5

Jann trying to make herself look small so she doesn’t get run over by the pups…..again!

movie night-6

Just a little “Magic” for Christine


movie night-8

OOOOPS, someone is trying to take the shortcut!

movie night-10

Phil with his Boston Bruins jersey, hoping for a win tonight!

movie night-12

Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Tonka Come Over???  Hang on there, Christine!

movie night-13

What’s a good movie night without the pups?  (missing, Journey & Clover..Tonka is here somewhere!)

movie night-15

Brody and Tam Tam having their daily wrestle

movie night-16

movie night-17

Our sweet Nancy

Fast forward to today, a VERY SPECIAL day, as it’s our granddaughter, Hannah’s 7th birthday!  What a joy this little girl is.  She is Smart, Sweet & Sassy…oh yeah!  Love you Hannah Banana to the moon and back!


Grampa’s girl.  We both had the honour of attending the birth of Hannah Elisabeth Eden Robertson



Those eyes



Happy 7th Birthday Hannah!

I’ll leave you with this…..

hannah03 copy

Life Is Good…

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