Only “we” would travel 5+ hours to Costco! Day 7 of #21daysofgrateful

Now, I woud like to clarify that I am NOT a shopper.  Well, with the exception of Costco…

Jann, Nancy, Suz and I got into the truck and headed from The Cape to Costco in Talahassee, Florida to stock up on…well, stuff.  At first, the girls cited their concerns that my SUV wasn’t big enough to bring back all our “stuff”.  They evidentially have never seen me pack.

Before I get into our travels, let me tell you the three things I’m grateful for:-

  1. Wildlife on the beach…”Oh Deer”!deer jan 9
  2. I’m grateful for what I thought was a dog drowing in the ocean, was simply a log. But not before I was in there with my sneakers on up to my knees.

    pup? jan 9

    C’mon…I bet you would have thought that was a pup in need of rescuing too!

  3. I’m grateful for the wonderful time spent with my peeps on our trip to Talahassee!carrabelle beach jan 9The was a plaque to commemorate training for World War II D-Day from Carrabell Beach to Dog Island.  Thank you to all that served.

We had lunch at a little franchise that sold smoothies, and wraps and salads…but not before walking into a “wing” shop and then right back out again.  Oh Lordy…I’m so glad we didn’t stay!

Off to Publix, then to Costco.  Costco was very happy we came, we spent, we conquered!

Meanwhile…back at the ranch….

The boys were on furbaby duty….for all 5 of them.  Some missed us more than others. Sorta like having a substitute teacher and taking advantage, don’t you think???

journey missing her momma jan 9-3

Journey and Mikey

journey missing her momma jan 9-4

Journey & Trevor

journey missing her momma jan 9-2

It’s a Dogs Life!

I’ll leave you with this…

jackson copy

In Memory of Jackson, who loved this beach

Life Is Good….

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