Day 6 of #21daysofgrateful…And today, I have much to be grateful for…

We found this amazing beach here at Barrier Dunes @ The Cape mainly for our dog, Brody.  My parents jokingly ask where “Brody is taking us on vacation this year?”…no joke, we’re here for the beach friendly community and beach.  It’s also called  The Forgotten Coast.  You could shoot a cannon down this beach some morning and well, we like it that way.  Hmmmm…perhaps I shouldn’t be giving away all this information, as if you tell three people, and they tell three people…and they tell three people…

I digress.

Here are the three things I am thankful on what is day 6 of my 21 days of grateful challenge:-

  1.  BRODY.  I am so grateful for our furbaby, Brody.  Brody’s had a tough life in his short 5 3/4 years on this earth.  The reason that we were able to find Brody in the first palce is that he was left behind when his supposed “forever” family decided that, due to contracting Juvenile Cellulitis  as a little puppy, they didn’t want to “wait” for him to get better before taking him home, even though he would be completely cured and this “puppy strangles” would never return.  So…their loss our gain.  We fell in love with him the first time we saw him run down that dirt road at the breeders farm from the barn.  Ears flopping and tail waging.  He was ours; no doubt about it.  But when we were picking up Brody to bring him home from the breeders, she mentioned the vet saying there may be “a small cateract in his right eye”..nothing to worry about; wouldn’t affect his eyesight…moving forward to 18 months old and Brody had to have his eye removed.  No worries; he dealt with it better than we did.  Only gratification was that the specialist said that it was as he could not see out of the eye anyway and it was as painful as a migrain for him and then we wanted it gone too!  Then this past Summer, Brody developed a limp that wouldn’t go away with rest…turns out he has displaysia in both elbows and one shoulder…Gawd, give me a break?  Oh no…then he’s developed some kind of intestinal tract issue, and as our amazing vet says…”If we ever find out what the issue is, I’m going to write a paper”!  Our poor bubs had every test, x-ray (call me Ms. Munchausen)  you could think of and nada, nothin…Over the next two months we had him on bland diets, supplements and he seemed to respond..Then Christmas came and those weird issues started rearing their ugly head.  Which brings us to the last 48.  I won’t go into details, but our poor boy was up all night long with diarrhea (I’ve typed this word so much in the past two days that I finally know how to spell it!) and this morning spurting nothing but blood from his backside.  Our amazing friend and vet, Pete, was messaging me back and forth trying to calm this out of her mind worrying dog mom and provide some suggestions.  Along with Brody’s own vet, who also went above and beyond.  SO THE GOOD NEWS and what I’m truly grateful for is that Brody seems to have turned the corner, is eating and wanting to walk on the beach.  Thank you Pete and Thank you, Dr. Kathleen Norman.  You guys rock.



2.  Wine.  Today, I’m grateful for WINE!  Okay, yesterday it was martini’s…hmmm, perhaps I have a wee problem?  But wine, my friend, got me through this day! (I know, I’m reaching for things to be grateful for today.  But all the same, I am grateful!).  C’mon, I know many of you love to enjoy a nice glass of wine, after a long glass of wine…..


3.  I am grateful for our amazing sunsets here on Cape San Blas(t)!!!  P.S.  yes, Mikey took them on his iphone, with the exception of the great shot taken by Jann…on his iphone!

jan 8th-2

jan 8th-3

jan 8th

I’ll leave you with this…

nothing comes easy

Life Is Good……

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