It’s been a quiet day here at The Cape.  The sun is shining and the weather is warm (22C).

The three things I’m grateful for today are:

  1. Pete & Catherine – Pete is a veterinarian and a good friend.  Catherine, his wife, is also our good friend, an amazing photographer and a dog trainer.  They have both been so helpful and kind over the past year.  Our Brody unfortunately has run into some kind of illness that has stumped our own vet, and the vet friends we have.  Jan Masica has also been so helpful along with Pete, in guiding us as we benefit from their years of experience.  Our long time friend, Kim, has also weighed in with her opions as a long time vet (and cop, I might add!).  We hope we’re on to what maybe ailing Brody.   I’m so grateful.


  1. 21751652_1278989952210823_7253860353366461598_n

Photo Credit Shand Photography



Photo Credit Shand Photography


Jan Masica, a vital person involved in the turtle rescue and release last year!


Kim in Mexico volunteering her time as a vet to help the poor displaced animals

Photo Credit…some awesome photographer!

2.  I’m grateful for my belly being full!  But especially grateful today for our Indian Pass Raw Bar Uptown Port St. Joe.  We were able to steal away for a little date lunch!

 jan 7th-4

jan 7th-3



Here are a few images from the original Raw Bar from last year!  This is an experience, if you are in the Indian Pass (between Port St. Joe, FL and Apalachicola, FL), that you won’t want to miss!!!!!! Original Indian Pass Raw Bar since 1929!

Damn you Hurrican Michael..but in spite of you will reopen again middle of March!

jan 7th-7

jan 7th-6

jan 7th-2


3.  And…the third thing I’m grateful for today is…..drum roll….my amazing martini!

jan 7th-8

c’mon, don’t judge….

I’ll leave you with this….


brody quote

Our Brody

Life Is Good….

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