…Day 3 of the 21 Days of Grateful Challenge

Three things I’m grateful for today, day 3 of the 21 day grateful challenge:

  1. Claudia…I’m grateful for Claudia, our cat sitter!
  2. Our home away from home
  3. Last night’s dinner with friends!

Well Mother Nature, you strike again!  I was RAINING in the Sunshine State yesterday, pretty much all day.  Oh not just rain.  MN doesn’t do anything minimal here at the Cape. She rained…HARD – really hard.  Flooded the roads in our condo community.  She blew huge winds to throw rubble through the streets when hard working people are trying to repair their homes. This morning she dipped the temp to 50F (10C) and I had to flip on the heat.  I’m not too happy with you right now, Momma N.  I know, whoa is me.  I should be grateful!  So, on the bright side (pun intended) she is suppose to shine through today. Temperatures in the low 60’s (around 15C) with sunshine.



Back to what I’m grateful for.

Claudia.  She is our sweet neighbour across the street.  She’s working her way through University and, along with her boyfriend – Ham, is our kitty sitter, .  They come in each day and play with, cuddle and feed our two cats, PollyWogs and DexterBen.  And, she lessens my guilt for leaving them!  Claudia taught me how to use SnapChat, but darn…I’ve lost the pictures she sent…booo….Thank you, Claudia…thank goodness for you!  I am GRATEFUL!

[insert substitute picture, as I don’t know how to save my snapchat pics]?!



We have a lovely Condo we rent from Wendy @ Cape Escape Vacation Rentals. This lady is on the ball.  One phone call and she’s on whatever doesn’t float our boat (oh, that was not nice considering the flooding).  This is our home away from home and sometimes we forget that it’s not our own!


(photo lifted from the internet prior to Hurricane Michael)

AFTER MICHAEL – pretty much untouched!134.jpg

Last but not least, I’m grateful for the wonderful fish fry dinner, that we have all been dreaming of since we were here last year, at Jannie and Nancy’s last night.  It was a group effort, but Trevor and Mikey did an amazing job on the Grouper Fingers and Shrimp.  Nancy’s salad hung in there and was wonderful and at Jannie’s request, I made another batch of Yorkies (she will eventually tire of them, but as long as she doesn’t, if I bake them…she will come!).  I’m grateful to you all for the lovely dinner invite!




It was a quiet day, so that’s all for now.

I’ll leave you with this…..

use for future blogs


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