Mother Nature, You’re a BEAST…..Day 2 of the 21-Grateful Challenge

I have a love/hate relationship with you right now, Momma N!  But, as this is day 2 of my 21 day Grateful Challenge, first let me be grateful;-

  1. I’m grateful for the wonderful dose of vitamin D from the Florida Sunshine State
  2. I’m grateful for the hard work of local residence and volunteers alike to restore the devastation of Hurricane Michael (ahem, Mother Nature)
  3. I’m grateful for the attitudes of the locals…”Keep Calm and Carry On” is the consensus here.

Mikey and I were apprehensive about heading to our most loved beach, Barrier Dunes-Cape San Blas-200 steps from our condo’s front door,  after viewing in disbelief and sadness, the devastation of our little piece of paradise while driving to our (not) “Forgotten Coast”.  We have been coming to Cape San Blas, Barrier Dunes, since 2016.  Our close friend, Trever, came across this beauty when he Googled – “Dog Friendly Beaches”.  So, the four of us (actually six of us, including our furbabies) headed to what has now become the maker of new friends, love for the Cape, sunshine, amazing seafood, fun and relaxation.  Our closest friends are and continue to be those we have met via our pups.  (A special mention, Mikey and I met due to my/our Dakota in 2001!) And that continued here at Barrier Dunes.  We have met some wonderful friends here, visited with one another between our Countries and each year at this time, look forward to reuniting again.

I digress, we headed to the beach with our good friends, Trevor and Susan, Jannie and Nancy and our furbabies…

Full day 1 - beach walk-2.jpg

…and what we saw, was an even more beautiful beach.  Mother Nature, you may have messed up some of our condos, but they can and are being rebuilt…but you left an even more beautiful place for us to walk and our pups to frolic.

full day 1 - beach walk-5

The devastation is real when you turn toward the missing dunes and the damaged condo’s…

full day 1 - beach walk-12

Full day 1 - beach walk-8.jpg

However, that’s not what our furbabies see and perhaps full day 1 - beach walk-54we need to view this different landscape through the eyes of our pups…this is what they see and we should all take heed…

full day 1 - beach walk-47

They see their friends….

full day 1 - beach walk-51

And their Hooman’s happiness….

wp 02

..And Friendships


The below picture of Jannie’s Magic, says it all……absolute bliss….

full day 1 - beach walk-59

So, I say to you Mother Nature – you may have made a temporary mess of our paradise, but you can’t take away our joy.

C’mon Snowbirds!  Get yourselves down here and contribute to this community by spending your money here, where it’s needed, so that, despite what Mother Nature has doled out….all can once again….”Keep Calm, rebuild and Carry On”…

I’ll leave you with this……


…Our Stairway to Heaven

Life is Good….

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