It’s that time again…..

27072349_10160074295955454_6653225301184693620_n copySo, we’re almost packed!  Well, I’m packed and just waiting for Mikey to pack so I can encroach on his leftover space.  He always complains that he doesn’t have that much space, but just ask my sister – she knows I’m the BEST packer…ever!

We are a little apprehensive to arrive at our final destination, which we have always referred to as our paradise away from home,, however, with hurricane Michael pretty much flattening the Gulf, we are a bit apprehensive.  That being said, our furever friends will be there and if nothing else, we will enjoy each others company and our friendships that have deepened over the years.  So, Barrier Dunes, Cape Escape…here we come!

Ok, so most of you know that our furbaby, Brody will take up most of the space in our SUV..Yes!  Even more than my clothes (of which I may wear about 1/4 of..but, helloooooo I need to know they’re there should an important occasion arise during our stay…ahem.)

Our first venture to Florida with Brody was more than a little stressful.  Although this pup is the BEST traveller in the car…he will not…nope, not even try…to pee or poop at those dreadful rest stops.  This guy will skip all over the grass that is delegated to..well…dogs (that can’t include him in his thoughts) as this grass is full of poop and pee and how can we possible expect that he should walk through the path of crap?  Oh no…he held his pee until we arrived at each stop for the night.  Mikey walks him round and round (and round) the hotels, until his majesty finds a spot – or maybe he’s just ready to explode!    The good thing (and there’s always a good thing if you look for it), is that although he still won’t squat at the “rest” stops, he does know his hotels now and is happy to dump his load as soon as he arrives and trot up the stairs at the Country Inn & Suites, Georgetown Kentucky, after greeting Susan and Theresa, who provide him with his accommodation for the night.

I’ll keep you posted..especially on the poop thingy…….

Cape San Blas….HERE WE COME!

1st Beach Walk 2018-23

I’ll leave you with this….



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