All You Need Is Love…

It’s February  (OK, so I’m a little late) – The Month Of Love and there is plenty of it here at Cape San Blas(t).  Many different kinds of love; but love just the same.

I’m going to concentrate on the deep love derived from friendship.  Mike and I are blessed with many friends.  Each friendship is unique and treasured.  The friendship that exists between husband and wife, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, childhood friendships, old friends and new.

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-25Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-23Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-14

Mike and I have collected many friends with one important commonality – Dogs.  Our furbabies.  “Man’s Best Friend”.

134 Sand Pine Drive, Unit 91, Barrier Dunes.jpg

Companionship is perhaps the most obvious thing that dogs give us, but this is only the beginning.  I found my husband through my dog (dog walking and he without a dog…ahem).  Loyalty.  Devotion. Unconditional Love.  Combine that with their humans and a perfect bond is formed.

Devotion – Nancy and her Journey Girl

Furever Friends Dinner!-10

Nancy and I..twinzies!


Christine & Jannie


I digress, as I would like to concentrate on the friendship between women – two women inparticular.  Each different as night and day.  Nancy and Jann,  who we met here at the Cape in 2015 walking dogs – on the beach.  Since that time a closeness has grown between a group I refer to as “Furever Friends”.

Both ladies are from Michigan – Jann, who recently sold her home in a small town, and Nancy who resides outside of Detroit.  Our friendship  with Nancy and Jann evolved and over the past few years and we have made trips to visit them and they to us.  And of course each winter, we snowbirds “flock” to our favorite place – Cape San Blas.

Friendships endure many ups and downs..especially when they are long term.  I would like to concentrate on the unique friendship between our “Golden Girls”.  (Nancy was quite insulted when I started referring to them that way, however, they have THREE Golden Retrievers..hello!).

Nancy and Jann’s friendship began some 40 odd years ago; they were both camp councillors.

Here’s the ultimate test of friendship.  Jannie, the athlete, runner, shenanigator, little leprecan with CSS (Can’t Sit Still) syndrome….

1st Beach Walk with the Golden Girls & Pickle Ball & Dinner-18

…and a turtle rescue Hero!For Claudio and Kim

….BREAKS HER LEG.  Oh no.  She didn’t just break her leg, she smashed the crap outta the sucker.   Well, a couple of dogs did on the beach when they got tangled up in her feet.

All joking aside, this was a bad break.  Really bad break. (On the positive side,  I did get to drive our truck on the beach to pick her up!).  911, First Responders (who at Cape San Blas where nothing short of AMAZING!), EMS, worried friends.  In one split second, the reality was instilled in each of us that life changes on a dime.

Jannie underwent major surgery and had some serious titanium hardware put into her shattered leg.  27545406_10211670324294258_4409899229278476918_n

And through all of the hospital visits, pain, surgery in a hospital one and a half hours away –  in a different State, THREE large golden retrievers, all day long doctor visits – long days of travel, NANCY JEAN was a true hero throughout.  Jann endured excruiating pain while medical staff bounced her around between hospitals with a badly broken leg that hadn’t been tended to yet.  She was a trouper.  They were a team.  Nancy stayed with Jannie in her hospital room after surgery and slept on a couch (and continues to sleep on the couch in the condo..”in case I don’t hear her in the night”) and has been her very best friend throughout. She has now taken on the roll of caregiver, nurse, sole dog walker, chef, chauffeur, maid…Jannie having to have people do for her when she’s the one that is urually doing for others.  But most important, each of these amazing women  provide each other the  unconditional love of friendship.  Besties.

Nancy, Jann & Jill

Florida 2017-75

It warms my heart to think of my friends here at Cape San Blas.  Many (most) are recently formed friendships.  In the face of this crisis, everyone pulled together.  Gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling…


(missing – Jann, Nancy & Claudio)

Indian Pass Raw Bar - The Original-19.jpg

Still missing – Jann, Nancy, Claudio & Kim



Jannie and pups



Food!  Lots of Food!


Family and friends..

IMG_2853 3

So hats of to you, Nancy.  You remind us of what true friendship is all about.

In conclusion, I must include our favorite toast from Jannie:-

“Raise your glasses, you drunken asses,

We celebrate our friendship tonight,

Grab your glass; Raise it high; Make sure we do it right,

We may be here, We may be there, We may be all around,

But I’ll be damn if we’re ever alone, for good friendship we have found”.

(from a woman who drinks only coffee, I might add)

I’ll leave you with a lovely quote Nancy provided during our crisis:-


P.S.  Mikey, you are and always will be my very Best Friend…

27993428_10160171318435454_8773306923108475775_o (1)

Life Is Good….


2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love…

  1. I don’t even know what to say. This is such a beautiful blog, and I am humbled by your words, as I have been throughout this whole experience, by your unending care, concern and generosity. Jann and I were blessed the day we came to the Cape, and began our journey of friendships with all of our furever friends. Jann’s accident has presented challenges, which have been met only because of all of the support and help we have recieived. It has been unending and overwhelming. You, Mike, and all of our friends here at the Cape have redefined the meaning of friendship, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending and feeling love….Nancy

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