All Was Good Until The Mid Air Explosion….

…Ahhh so finally it is time for us to get away and relax.  Our favorite place to do just that is Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic.  This is our fourth visit, need I say more..

I digress, let’s get closer to the mid air exposion…

If you’re fortunate enough, you will know the craziness of getting ready to go away for a week.  First and most important is our fur baby, Brody.  He’s in the most capable hands of Suz and Trev and their fur baby, Tam Tam.  The usual guilt was lifted handing him off, as he too will be on vacation!

Next is handing off my duties as Area Coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  Although this is a volunteer position for a non profit organization dear to our hearts, there is still work that needs to go on when we are not there.  Our amazing volunteer photographer and happy to say new friend, Spencer graciously took over.  Another box ticked on my list of things to do.

Funny that most people will ask when you’re going away..”Are you packed yet?”…I leave my packing until the end, because…well, I just pack everything!

We jumped into bed early in anticipation of a 4:45am alarm.  And, that’s where things started to go awry…”If I fall asleep right now, I’ll get 5 hours sleep….4, 3…You got it…sleep did not really happen.  When he alarm went off, my brain trying to grasp the fact that it was deprived of it’s much needed sleep but understood the consequences of not jumping into the shower and out the door within 45 minutes!

We made it!  Dropped the truck off in the Park N Fly, albeit, turns out to be the wrong lot..hope our voucher works when we return!  We sailed through security, even with the 35 loot bags containing sweets, pencils, crayons, etc for the kiddies who will no doubt greet us at the dock before taking the boat over to our island.  Even the treats for the stray dogs made it through security!  Ahhh…a glorious breakfast  at Finn McCools


..even though they forgot the beans in my full pub breakfast.  Perhaps that’s a good thing considering the tight quarters we will be in for the next 4 hours…

Standing in line in’s getting real!  A little tap on my shoulder from the nice lady behind me suggested that I should check out my husbands derriere.  Really?  Undoubtably, she was checking our my hubby’s bum.  “Um, there’s a rather large amount of hair balls on your husbands hind end”….Dexter, our very furry kitty kat thought we should bring some of him with us!


We’re in our seats!  It’s finally becoming real…Two minutes before scheduled take off and there is nobody in the seat next to me…BONUS!  Why are they not closing the door…Close the door, let’s go.  Dun, Ta Dada…DUN…here he comes…the large, late man running toward me..”NOOOOOOOO, don’t let it be “…ya, it was him.  The 15 minute late, rather large man secured his seat next to me.  Not so bad; at least he smelled ok.

THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN CAME THE MID AIR EXPLOSION! I’m almost through filling out the many forms the Dominican requires you to do, there was a warm feeling on my hands.  As I looked down and viewed what seemed to be a brides Henna all over my hands.  My SHARPIE exploded!  Yes, it couldn’t be just any pen, it had to be an indelible ink sharpie.  The lovely, large, late man was aghast as the flight attendents were quickly providing me with wet wipes to avoid spilling over on my WHITE (yes, Canada, I know it’s past Labour Day) pants.  I didn’t get any on my pants, but I didn’t get any off my hands…

We divided up the loot bags to our waiting children, who didn’t disappoint.  They were gone in less than 30 seconds..on to our boat and our beloved island!


We’re here and HUNGRY…let the feeding frenzie being…and that it did!


This is what greeted us in our room..


I’ll leave you with this….It may look like a Gecko to you, but it looks like a GILA MONSTER to ME!


Life is good……



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