…For some reason, I can’t get that “Dora” song worm out of my head.

We all survived….10 days with our 3 granddaughters – 3, 4 & just turned 6, 2 cats and 1 Siamese Fight Fish.  They were all delivered to their handlers safe and sound.  And here is what we learned:

  • We were out numbered..there were three of them and two of us.  Be afraid…be very afraid.14324682_10157488349785224_3752163654659767737_o
  • They are LOUD…except when they are sititng in the very back of the van and trying to tell you something important…then they speak very, very quietly…”Neema, I need to tell you something very important”…..blah, blah, blah
  • They all speak (scream) at you at the same time
  • They fight – especially when you are helpless to intervene…IN THE CAR
  • They miss their mommy and daddy; (not, we just did that to make them feel guilty..tee hee)

  • They are always hungry, yet never eat anything (see # 16)


  • There are never, ever enough baby dolls 14589823_10157705777445454_1820364636023239553_o
  • There is no loyalty to those babys dolls, as they will  trade babies between themselves constantly
  • They speak 90% of their time through their nose..Sounds like a song..“Tho n tho hnt me”….
  • We are on Premiere Kathleen Wynn’s Christmas card list now due to the amount of electricity we have consumed.  All lights, TV’s and electronic devices need always be operational at the same time.
  • Keep all electronic devices in a childproof case as they fling them without warningimg_9557
  • Never put out even remotely good towels.  When they find your makeup, they WILL put it on and remove it with said towels to rid themselves of the evidence
  • Hide your good bedding…see above.
  • Never, ever walk down the stairs with the lights out – there are babies on them and they are very slippery
  • You no longer have dibs on your favorite chair; babies now occupy it


  • Days after your sweet grandchildren leave your home, alarms will go off at mysterious times and your surround sound system will never sounds the same..
  • When you take them to feed the birds/chippie…they eat more than they share (perhaps we need to feed them seeds and nuts instead of proper meals?  See #5)14589652_10157705777750454_1760727356290736888_o


  • Never, ever leave a building without insisting on a bathroom visit (“Neema, I have to.. )smiling-poop
  • They love to bakeimg_9535img_9532img_9536
  • They allow you to be goofy img_3242img_3240
  • They really do love one another 14440965_10157687325540454_2848094078366563656_n

But most important, what they have reminded us is to be patient, to understand, to not make it personal (only 1 I hate you Neema!) and that our hearts are bursting even more with love for these little girls.


I’ll leave you with this…….Someone once said,

“Your Grandchildren Are Your Reward For Having Children”

…..I couldn’t agree more.

Life is good…..


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  2. I was wondering at times..how are they going to get through this..You did nake it & from what u shared had lots of FUN & created such beautiful memories…LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPGHY!…Now I think you & Mike need a holiday..lol


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