Help! I’m in a puddle of tears……

It’s quite unusual for me to be arranging the beginning of another new fabulous day and be in a puddle of tears…but I am.

The first day back to school brings back so many cherished memories…with the realization that time slips by so quickly…

14195339_10157523325010454_9132850382792497041_o michelle-ann-and-joey-going-to-schoo1l

As usual for third children…I cannot find one single picture of my Melissa on her first day of school!  This upsets me greatly, as a person that documents everything in photos.  Only thing I can think of is that I lost the original in the divorce (that is suppose to be funny). This official JK pic will have to do…


On this day, our Hannah is entering into Junior Kindergarten….her first day of school.  As you read this, I know you will be reflecting on each and every one of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, being shuffled either onto a school bus or waiting in line eagerly awaiting the school bell and enter a whole new adventure…..with you trying to disguise your babbling, as you stock them until they disappear into a new world of learning.



14195438_1193460747392109_3073062359578049367_oAs a grandmother now, I have been there to see each of one of our grandkids off to their first day of school and document such via my pictures.




Abbey 1st day of school.jpgThis year, with Hannah, I decided to leave this special time to her mom and dad, as I worried it would be too overwhelming for her; based on Abbey’s first day last year.  We made such a big fuss and I think she was a little un-nerved…so….although I held myself back…I stepped back this year.  Mom and Dad had this…..





With a lump in my throat..I believe this momentous moment when your child steps into their own independence still this has to be the most emotional day for young parents…and young gramma’s too.  Beginnings.

I wish for all my babies to be kind, be focused, make new forever friends, learn, be respectful…and make memories that you will be happy to relive.

Love, Gramma

Life is Good……


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