Oh Summer of 2016…Thanks for the Memories!

It’s been a while since my last blog…and here’s why:-

It’s been a wild ride!!!

In looking back on this past Summer, it’s almost a blur.  It began with our visit with the Lewin’s to our Michigan “Golden Girls”….


check out the beautiful hand crafted bird houses Jann made for us!  The detail is amazing.

Visit with Jann & Nancy

Visit with Jann & Nancy-70


Then, our Formula 1 Gang

Photo Jun 11, 7 44 13 AM

Photo Jun 10, 7 42 40 AM







…and that was a wild ride (no pun intended!)

Rosie & Connagh extended their vacation and Mikey took them for his 32nd visit to Niagara Falls!  Each time a friend and/or family member comes from England..the first thing they want to see is the Falls!

Connagh & Rosie's Visit-2

Connagh & Rosie's Visit-3

Connagh & Rosie's Visit-4

Connagh & Rosie's Visit-12

Oh wait!!!!  No Niagara Falls Pics..because..  Wait for it……I wasn’t there!

Did I mention our family keeps growing?????……

Michelle and Todd’s Gig

A Clockwork Concept (1 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (2 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (3 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (6 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (7 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (10 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (15 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (24 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (33 of 53)

A Clockwork Concept (39 of 53)

In the mean-time, we try and make time with our grandchildren and neighbours…



First love…13524519_10157229869565454_3627471675704219753_n





And our beautiful Goddaughter’s confirmation….

2016 Michelle's Confirmation-121

2016 Michelle's Confirmation-15

Ade & Alina’s Visit

Ade & Alina Downton T.O-3

Ade & Alina Downton T.O-10

Ade & Alina's July Visit-34

Yep…yet another visit to the Falls…..Mikey 33rd!

Ade, Alina, Sal & Kevin visit to Niagara Falls-52

But it never gets old…

Ade, Alina, Sal & Kevin visit to Niagara Falls-78

Stopped in for a great dinner with our amazing friends, Kevin and Sally!

Ade, Alina, Sal & Kevin visit to Niagara Falls-146

Labour, Delivery and forever BFF’s!

Visit to the Lewin’s Lake House

Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-24Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-7Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-21-2Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-45Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-73Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-136-2Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-17Trev & Suz Trailer with Ade & Alina-34Drop in for dinner @ Ruth & Ken’s…

Ruth & Ken's 2016-57-2Ruth & Ken's 2016-11Ruth & Ken's 2016-25Ruth & Ken's 2016-53Ruth & Ken's 2016-64

Fly in visit from our Golden Girls…

day 6!-2

Journey learning to swim!

day 6!-3

day 6!-5

……and the moment our grandkids wait for each year….The Tinker’s Cottage!

Tinker's Cottage 2016-62Tinker's Cottage 2016-28Tinker's Cottage 2016-169Tinker's Cottage 2016-159Tinker's Cottage 2016-157Tinker's Cottage 2016-144Tinker's Cottage 2016-141Tinker's Cottage 2016-139Tinker's Cottage 2016-65Tinker's Cottage 2016-54Tinker's Cottage 2016-23Tinker's Cottage 2016-15Tinker's Cottage 2016-8Tinker's Cottage 2016-3

Newest addition to the Tinker’s home…Maya!Tinker's Cottage 2016-107

Maddie and Jordan were delighted to ride the sea doo with Mike Tinker!Tinker's Cottage 2016-53

Tinker's Cottage 2016-84-2

Lisa (Tinker) looking on as everyone was enjoying themselves!Tinker's Cottage 2016-38Tinker's Cottage 2016-37


Tinker's Cottage 2016-20Tinker's Cottage 2016-82

One of the most memorable days of this Summer was when ALL of our children and ALL of our Grandchildren, daughters and son in laws and even Mum came to the cottage…AMAZING and melted my heart.  A day I will forever cherish.

day 6!-3day 6!-7day 6!-11day 6!-13day 6!-26day 6!-84

day 6!-28

Accomplishing new feats!  Rock Jumping!

day 6!-23day 6!-20day 6!-19day 6!-16day 6!-50day 6!-32day 6!-31day 6!-60day 6!-66day 6!-72day 6!-74

day 6!-75

day 6!-38day 6!-41day 6!-76day 6!-81day 6!-87

and there was this!  The infamous “outside shower” where it took Jordan 1/2 hour each day to arrange the towels so nobody would peek!  Best Shower EVER!day 6!-96

Here comes the music!day 6!-99day 6!-100

Amazing voice Maddie has!

day 6!-104day 6!-105day 6!-112

Joey enjoying the jammin

day 6!-115

day 6!-124

day 6!-126

day 6!-128day 6!-130

Brother and Sister Duetday 6!-136

day 6!-109day 6!-116day 6!-118

..Finally we spend some quality time with Mike and Lisa..

Lisa and Mike 2016Lisa and Mike 2016-3Lisa and Mike 2016-12Lisa and Mike 2016-17Lisa and Mike 2016-33

Thank you Mike and Lisa from the bottom of our hearts.  Your generosity made many of my family so very happy.

Lisa and Mike 2016-28

I have to stop here….and get out there and enjoy the day!

To Be Continued……………

As you can see…



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