We’re “Pooped”

It’s been a few weeks since the last blog…so much has happened that I really didn’t know where to start.

So let’s start on a rather smelly note…”Poop”…  As a Grandmother, I really don’t have to be involved wth a lot of poop (other than picking up Brody the dogs).  Yes, I will run them to the bathroom when they are over or assist them when we are at their homes…but I forget the golden rule….Don’t leave home without it…a poop that is.

Youngest daughter, Melissa and her husband Lucas needed to spend some special time with their middle daughter, Hannah as most middle kids do, and we agreed to a sleepover with Abbey 5 and Emma 3.  We have a young family a couple doors down with children about the same ages and they get along quite well…Actually, Abbey is in love with Max and has been for the past year…here’s a then and now:-

We had a little campfire and roasted S’mores (don’t do it..they really don’t like them and what a MESS!).  I bought this contraption that is suppose to cook them already assembled…NOT!  All that does is burn the snot out of the cookie, which results in turned up noses.  Just do the marshmallows like we used to!



I digress…back to the poop.

During the campfire, Heidi (the mom of the “boy next door” and her little daughter, Malia) suggested that we take the kids to the park in the morning to work off some energy.  So off we went:-


…without insisting on a bathroom break beforehand.

I only just get to the park, set up my camera for some fun shots…and I hear from Emma (littlest)..”Neema, I have to go pee”….so, I put down my camera with Heidi promising to watch over it with her life and take Emma back the 5 houses for a pee.  She was successful and we trotted (no pun intended) back to the park.  I get ready for some serious fun shots with the Nikon…and I hear – “Neema, I have to….poop”…back we go, Emma in toe, back the 5 houses for a poop.  Unfortunately, there was no success.  However, when a 3 year old tells you they have to poop, you don’t mess around.  Back to the park.

Enters Hannah…the middle-est that that had a fun one on one with her parents who have come to collect the other two of their charges.  I see them pull in and go to meet her and bring her to the park….We only just get down there and I hear those dreaded words…”Neema, I have to POOP”!…..Back I “trot” the 5 houses for a poop.  Hannah insists that I accompany her and stay with her during her “movement”.  “Sit right there on the bathtub, Neema”…to which I comply with her demand.  “Neema…I have to tell you something”….(me) “What is it Hannah?”….”Neema, I need to….FOCUS”, and she scrunches up her nose and forms a complete “O” with her little mouth, raises her hands and touches her thumb to her forefingers and out of the little “O” mouth comes a ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sound.  I almost fell off the bathtub trying to subdue my laughter….

I did finally capture some shots…









And finally…..the “FOCUSED POOPER’


I’ll leave you with this…




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