WE’RE DONE…We’re so done we’re crispy…I thought

So, the reno’s are done.  No more painting!!!???…um until my favourite youngest daughter, Melissa decided it would be a good idea to have a “paint night”….in the afternoon. So, I get a call at 10:pm.. All that know me well, especially my daughter, would know I was in my rem sleep by that time.  And so, the call comes in…”Mom, I tagged you on Facebook”!!!!  Me, still have asleep and thinking there had been an accident to hear from Melissa via phone and not text – “Um, ok?!!  Melissa – “So will you go with me”…. Me – “Where”?   Melissa – “To Paint Night”!!!  Me – “Hell no!, I just finished painting for the last 4 weeks and you know how much I don’t like to paint”!  Melissa in a desperate and pouty voice draws out the GUILT card..”Mom, Auntie Lea Ann is going with (her youngest) Ali”…  I relent in my groggy slumber.  Paint?!  Really?  Me??  On the Sunday before we’re off to visit our Furever Friends in Michigan?  With so much yet to do?  With a newly broken toe? (I’ll get to that later)  How do they do that?  Our kids…GUILT!  Isnt that my job as a mother?   I decide if I’m going to go, with a broken toe , I’d better talk myself into a positive frame of mind, as otherwise I may strangle my lovely youngest.  So, I hobble off to “Paint Night” in the afternoon.  Shouldn’t it be called “Paint Afternoon”…as you can see, at this point I still haven’t gleaned into my ‘positive’ frame of mind.  I tell myself that at least I get to spend some quality time with my lovelies.  Now you have to understand – my Niece Ali, is an amazing artist, youngest daughter ain’t bad herself and my sister – well, she’s pretty much perfect in all she does.  I resign myself to the best outcome – spending time with family.  And that’s exactly what it was…the perfect outcome – cuz my painting was NOT.   And I’m fine with that…the reason HATE to paint, is because I’m not good at it!

Melissa Dawn – The Guilt VillainIMG_8494 2

Baby Sissy, Lea Ann

IMG_8493 2

This is NOT the letter “A”…It’s suppose to be the Eiffel Tower….ok, stop laughing…enough already!IMG_8498

The things we do for our children….but I did have the last word.  I signed my work of art – “Neema”. (that’s Gramma in the Robertson’s lingo)  Yep, told Melissa that in return for all the beautiful fridge paintings I’ve received, the least I could do it donate my painting to her fridge…ynuk, ynuk, ynuk…Payback’s a b!tch!IMG_8497

So, back to the toe.  Not such a happy ending.  Favourite eldest daughter, Michelle, sweetly asked if we would mind watching Richard for the weekend.  Richard is a GREAT Dane.  As our granddog, and a lovely boy I might add, we agreed to have “my little pony” for the in spite of the fact that we were entertaining on the Saturday.


IMG_8487 2

You have to visualize our granddog standing in the kitchen (which, by the way, was his favourite room in the house) – his head is level with the BACK of any counter…and dining room table…It did make entertaining a bit strained with me running around wiping the dribble off the dinner plates.  Good thing, it was our dog walking buddies, David and Liana, who themselves have THREE fur babies.

I did tell Mikey we served too much food….


Richard is a gentle giant.   But an escape artist!  Not 10 minutes after Michelle departed and while I was putting away my bird food, Richard flew past me – escaping to the front of our yard.  I know that Richard has absolutely NO recall.  He figures if he doesn’t look at you, he can’t hear you.  Fearing that I’m going to have to tell favourite eldest daughter, Michelle that I’ve lost her precious puppy, I fly after him.  Except my toe decided not to follow when it hit the side of the concrete garden edge.  I am running faster than a 60 year old when I see that there is a German Shepherd taking her owner for a walk and Richard, in his delight, figures he’s now got a playmate.  Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out well.  I capture our granddog after much growling, screaming and yelping with my toe on a 90 degree angle from the rest of my foot.  Once I get him home and securely BEHIND the fence with Mikey holding him whilst I go and apologize…well, let’s leave it at the fact that it didn’t go well.

IMG_8488 2

Here is the apparent fierce attacking dog… sucking on his baby

IMG_8486 2

I digress…Back home from Paint Afternoon, wildly packing for our road trip with the Lewin’s who will be picking us up at 6AM the next morning.  I get totally packed and ready as I still need to get up at 5:AM to shower and get ready.  (the older I get, the longer it takes me to get ready and the poorer the result…).

…and so it begins!


What a fabulous trip!  We met Jann and Nancy in Florida earlier this year.  They stayed at the same complex as we all did.  We became fast friends and labelled them “The Golden Girls”..not from the show, but because they have Golden Retrievers and their friendship became golden.  We promised each other that we would get together during the year.  Many times people will say this and it never transpires…but we all knew that wasn’t going to be the case when we tearfully said goodbye to them in Florida.  We all knew they would and are our Furever Friends.  Jann invited the Lewin’s and us, including our fur babies to join Nancy and her at Jann’s place to show us some of Michigan. After a beautiful drive, we arrive at her home.  It took our breath away. Beautiful home surrounded by 6 acres (fenced for the pups!) of sprawling, perfectly manicured fields!



WalksVisit with Jann & Nancy-70

Birds Everywhere!  This is our favourites!  Baltimore Orioles…this guy looks a bit annoyed at me disrupting his dinner..untitled-5

Hilarious!  Looks like the imitation bird is getting a stern talking to!


Most important – our wonderful friends that greeted us.

Jann & Clover


Nancy with her warm heart caring for Sky

Visit with Jann & Nancy-10

Magic, Brody, Journey & Tammi (missing is Clover who was taking advantage of a nap)


It is hard to explain, as we were more than overwhelmed by the work that must have gone into Jann and Nancy planning our visit.  First, we were shown our rooms and on the beautiful bed was a bucket of goodies…all from Michigan – Vernor’s Gingerale, chips, maple syrup (yep, made in Michigan) “friends” magnet, stuffy for the pups, chocolates – just to name a few of the gifts that were no doubt carefully chosen by our hosts…Then…we were each given a bird house.  Oh not a regular birdhouse…one that was crafted by Jann’s creative hands.  The detail is amazing…there is NO WAY this ‘bird house’ is going outside to be eaten by the critters that like to visit our yard!

One for the Lewin’s – note the Golden Retriever…

Visit with Jann & Nancy-2

And one for us, which now sits proudly on our sideboard in the dining room! Such detail!

Visit with Jann & Nancy

What an amazing two and a half days we spent with our friends.  Words cannot explain what wonderful people we met and befriended in Florida.

Visit to Frankenmuth


We visited Bronner’s – the world’s largest Christmas Wonderland!  It was amazing and HUGE.  This is where we finally found our perfect Christmas Angel for the top of our tree!

Amazing Meals!




Laughter…so much laughter.  Thank you Jann and Nancy.  Thank you.  We love you all.

Back home to reality.  Opening the pool –

Brody patiently awaiting the pool to transform from a Margarita to a nice blue, clean on that he could swim in…


And finally, a very special day for our beautiful Goddaughter, Michelle for her Confirmation


2016 Michelle's Confirmation-15

Where has time gone?  It was like yesterday that I screamed into the phone with delight at the Baby Girl that your dad announced was delivered into our world..

2016 Michelle's Confirmation-121


I’ll leave you with this…..


Life is Good……

2 thoughts on “WE’RE DONE…We’re so done we’re crispy…I thought

  1. What a wonderful blog! I read the whole thing, from beginning to end, with a smile on my face. I thought your painting was great! Thank you for your many kind words regarding Jann and I, and your visit to Michigan. We had a fabulous time with you, Mike, Susan, Trevor, and your furbabies. Thank you, many times over, for coming to visit, and for your friendship. Looking forward to another visit soon💟

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