Life Interrupted…..

Oh yes!  It’s here!  Better late then never I say.  Spring is here!

Beautiful bed of purple flowers…


Creeks are running free…


and check out those buds!


Finally, Spring has literally and figuratively Sprung!  Thank you to our granddaughter, Emma for the wonderful indoor reminder!


The reno’s continue….s-l-o-w-l-y.  Not because we aren’t dedicated to getting it done. But because we just don’t have a lot of free time lately!  Good thing we are retired.  I don’t know how we lived our lives before.  Funny, I heard that from retired people before and just couldn’t understand it.  I think we just take on more thinking..”well, we’re retired and now we have time”!

5 1/2 hours to TAPE the two windows…but it was kinda fun…like doing a puzzle.  Speaking of puzzled, many of our neighbours walking by are thinking we have totally lost the plot with our new “look”…

FullSizeRender 31


My favorite drywaller..


Brody insists on being part of it all…

FullSizeRender 34

Speaking of Brody, on Apirl 18th, he celebrated his THIRD birthday!  My handsome boy!


And on April 19th Steve celebrated his birthday!  Oh and he’s a handsome boy too!


More fun at Claremont..

Trev, Mikey and Brody enjoying the sunshine.  Yes!  Last weekend at Claremont we were in boots and winter coats with snow!   This weekend…we had to peel off even our sweaters!

FullSizeRender 27



Dixxie girl enjoying a little dip to “cool” off!


Gotta love Sofie’s PHOTO BOMB!  LOL…



When I was a kid living in Arizona, we had two pecan trees in the backyard.  I spent a lot of time in those trees!  Not much has changed…oh I can hear the quips about being a “nut”…

FullSizeRender 28

Suz & Trev are off to England to visit family, so we have a new houseguest..Tam Tam…love this sweet girl…

This is the first few hours and she’s wondering where her humans are!


Ha, ha Brody….I got your spot!


However, she soon made herself right at home!


The closet is now always open a tad, as PollyWogs, our kitty has decided this is all too much for her…Dexter Ben is just not amuzed!

“My window with my cat tree is all taped up, all my furniture I love to lay on is now in plastic and a new PUP?”  Just wait Dexter Ben…on Saturday we get Teddy…the English Sheep Dog…yeeeeeeiiiikes!

FullSizeRender 32

Amongst all the fun, we had some sad news and unexpected visitors…Tina and Don arrived at our home on Sunday from Nova Scotia!  They arrived unannounced and poor surprised Mikey dropped his bbq utencils in shock when they showed up at our door. However, all was not happy, as Don’s Mum passed at 84.  We had a fleeting visit before our wonderful friends had to head home.  Of course, they arrived to our dishevelled MESS of paint, drywall dust and very little places to sit!  Not to mention the “smell” of paint…right Don?

Brody and Tammi are having a wonderful time running together on the trails.


FullSizeRender 33

and fetching sticks in the lake


walking the beach.  We pretend it’s Florida!

FullSizeRender 35

….and today, rolling in a dead fish…Right Tam Tam?

Back to painting my window and hopefully next blog will have the finished products….

P.S.  snow is forecast for this Monday….NOOOOOOOOOO!

I’ll leave you with this..


Life Is Good…..

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