Reflections of an amazing get away at Barrier Dunes, Cape San Blas:-

On our drive home from Florida, we reflected on the best times we had at the Cape.  First it was friends…both new and old, then walking on the beach with the pups.  Nothing makes a dog owner feel more wonderful than seeing their fur baby having fun frolicking and swimming with the other dogs.


last day !-32


…and those Sunsets…oh yeah…

last one-2

last one-3

March 2nd – Well, here we are at home in Pickering, Ontario and we still haven’t quite settled back into our routine.  We are pinning for our new friends we quickly made and our existing reconnected friends, our condo that was just perfect (thank you Wendy Jackson!), the sunshine and the BEACH during  the month we stayed at Barrier Dunes, Cape San Blas.  The drive home was perfect, except the weather in Kentucky, which was blustery and rainy.  Could be worse..could have been snow.  Speaking of which, we dodge a huge bullet once we entered Ontario.  We missed a nasty snowstorm just over the border by one day. Problem was, they had  shut down the highway to pull seventeen tractor trailers out of the ditch!  We were in “park” on the 401 for just over an hour.  Not to bad, unless you had to pee…and I had to pee!  Thank goodness for the Tim Horton’s right there on the side of the road when the highway opened.

 March 4th – Not all doom and gloom as our grandchildren (we have six, 1 boy and 5 girls!) were over the moon to see us and vice versa.  They were so happy we were home that they decided they needed to stay overnight…4 of them!  We need more beds!  Tessa, Emma & Hannah in the king bed and Abbey and I in the queen…poor Mikey was relegated to the couch downstairs. At 11:30pm and after “Neema, I’m hungry! Neema, I’m thirsty.  Neema I have to pee , the youngest of the 4 (age 2) finally went to sleep!  Love them to pieces.











Oh, I forgot the other body in the queen bed…the bed hog Brody.





Thursday, March 3rd – We were greeted with quite a lot of snow upon our return…it was white stuff, but not sand!  Brody was reunited with his girlfriend, Daisy and they tore up the town.





Our grandson, Jordan LOVED his souvenir…


Saturday , March 5th– March Our granddaughter, Maddie had her final swimming lesson and we surprised her to watch her progress.  What a fabulous swimmer she has become!  We won’t have to worry about this little mermaid in the pool this summer!


For our friends over 50 – Get your Colonoscopy!  I did this week and no longer full of …well you know.  The prep is so much easier these days.  I could save your life…just do it!

Our walk is a bit different, with some of our new friends missing and the wonderful beach, sand and sea – but this place is one of the places it all began with our dearest friends…

Our new friend Kaya…Suz is dog sitting this beautiful fur baby!

(you will notice ((hopefully)) that these pictures below are not the best quality, as I’ve left my trusty Nikon at home!)


FullSizeRender 2

Another fur baby that is dear to my heart…Dixxie!


We’ve replaced the white sand beach with yellow grass…but at least no snow!

FullSizeRender 7

Brody and Kaya


It’s been forever since we’ve seen my sister, Lea Ann and Bro-In-Law, Don (Ducky).  We’re normally joined at the hip, but with their winter vacay in the Dominican for a month and ours in Florida, a good dinner and sleep-over was definitely in order!

FullSizeRender 8

Sisters!  Love this woman.  She is an amazing Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend and Nana!

FullSizeRender 9


Back to Gramma duties, or as our Melissa’s girls have named me – Neema and Mikey – Peepa (don’t ask..).  Friday was our daughter, Melissa’s and Son-In-Law, Lucas’ “date night”.  We try and babysit for them at least once a week.  So Friday, we enjoyed having the babies for dinner and a good visit.  Saturday was their dance recital.  Oh my goodness, CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

This is Emma, our youngest grandchild.  She is a wanna-be ballerina and her amazing Momma stayed up late to make her, her very own tutu as she watched her two older sister’s dance recital….






So Proud!


What a great job!


March 12th is my Mom’s birthday. She’s in Mexico for three months, so we couldn’t celebrate together.  However, her new friends in Mexico made her birthday pretty special!

Normally on Sunday’s, we all walk at Claremont Conservation…our little hidden gem North of us.  This is actually where Mikey and I met…AND he proposed, so it’s pretty special!!  Here is a few of our iphone shots…

No, we aren’t showing off our boobs – we are showing off our “Life is Good” t-shirts we bought in the Cape and happened to wear at the same time!



Steve, the stick guy…and the rest contemplating how to get across the bridge without being taken out!





We call our Sunday morning walkies at Claremont – “Going to church”, as it’s absolutely soul cleansing!




March is FULL of birthday’s in our family.  Mom, Granddaughter Maddie, Daughter in Law, Tiffinie, Niece McKinlea, Daughter Michelle, Bro in Law, Ducky, Suz, Jann, Nancy!…whew I guess I know what the national past-time is in June!  ..well, here’s Maddie’s birthday celebration –

Maddie's 10th Birthday-13

Maddie's 10th Birthday-11

Our one and only Grandson with the Maddie is sister and the Birthday Girl!

Maddie's 10th Birthday-14

Maddie's 10th Birthday-15

Grampa and his boy

Maddie's 10th Birthday-16

Two of our beauties!

Maddie's 10th Birthday-12

Maddie's 10th Birthday-17

My girls – Melissa and Michelle….sigh…can’t find an emoji for my love…

Maddie's 10th Birthday-19

Happy Birthday Madpie!

Maddie's 10th Birthday-20

I just had to add this picture.  It’s of Otis, the new puppy next door.  How cute is he?

Maddie's 10th Birthday-18

So..that’s it for now.. and I’ll leave you with this….


Life is Good…..


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  2. Awww, so good to read your positive, full of life blog. Beach vacations just truly restore the soul, and make our everyday routines, seem boring, but still so grateful we have home and friends that are always waiting for our return. Life is good…pass it around.

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