Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 24/16 – Don’t Panic….it’s the beets!

This one accidentally went into the trash….yikes!

Life Is Good

HOLY SMOKES!  What a ride last night!  House shaking, bed shaking, dog shaking! Thankfully all here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals: Pet Friendly Beach and Rentals are safe and avoided the devastation that Pensacola and other Gulf states endured.  Prayers going out to all the families affected.

The sea was very angry this morning!  It also took away our beach, so our walk this morning ended shortly after it began –

This is one angry sea!

Feb. 24-33Feb. 24-34Feb. 24-35Feb. 24-36

Check out these waves!

Feb. 24-37Feb. 24-38Feb. 24-40Feb. 24-41Feb. 24-42

It was so windy and you can see just how so with this guy!

Feb. 24-43

Just one more sea picture…I was fascinated!

Feb. 24-44

We got bandana’s!  Yay!  Brody and Tammi thank you Jann!

Feb. 24-46

..endless pocket of treats!

Feb. 24-47

My treat hound and our fabulous friends!

Feb. 24-48Feb. 24-49Feb. 24-50

We just couldn’t walk the pups on the beach as the sea claimed it, so we decided that on our way to Apalachicola to shop, pick up…

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