Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – Feb. 25/16-It’s a Dog’s Life

The high winds, tornado watch and angry sea has left us with a bit of a cold front.  That doesn’t stop any of us getting onto the beach and walking our fur babies with our new and old forever friends.  The mood is a little moot.  Many of us are going to be saying good-bye (for now) to new friends with memories tucked into our hearts.  This will have to do until we all see each other again next year.  Kim and Claudio (Mecca) and Christine and Phil (Olive) will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning.  There will be tears.  No doubt about it.  But for now, let’s just be in the moment and relive our day…..

Starting with the morning walk:-

Phil with OliveFebruary 25-2

Tammi, Olive and Mecca

February 25-29

Brody joins in!

February 25-34

Brody and Olive having a dip

February 25-13

But really Olive had her eyes on the ball all along!

February 25-22

Sooz, Christine, Trev & Mecca

February 25-6

Um….I’m not sure what Mikey is doing here?  Either the wind is blowing him over, or he’s rejoicing at something!

February 25-7

February 25-8

Kim, Claudio and Mikey

February 25-10

Initially, we thought this was a balloon…but apparently it came from the sea.  There were a couple on the beach.  Anyone know what this is?

February 25-35

Oh my!  I know this guy’s name starts with a “T”…I think…so beautiful!

February 25-16

Mecca girl!

February 25-25

Phil, Christine and Olive…how fun is this for her?February 25-33

February 25-15


February 25-62

Pelicans!February 25-28

Beautiful Clover

February 25-58

February 25-66

February 25-65

February 25-39

Trev and Brody having a moment.

February 25-40


February 25-42

Kim, Claudio and Mecca

February 25-44

Puddles of Puppies

February 25-47

Nancy’s Journey who loves to hug!

February 25-52

Mother and Daughter

February 25-60

All good things must come to an end.  Last walk of the year for the who gang together…

February 25-64

The afternoon was a lazy one.  I washed my shells, fed the turtles and prepared for my afternoon photo shoot.  Mikey washed the car and he and Sooz took the pups for their afternoon walk on the beach.  Trevor rested in front of the sand dunes, sitting on an adirondack chair that he found on the beach.  In the mean-time, the Golden pups had a little photo shoot in front of the pond.

Sneak Peeks of the Golden’s Photoshoot….

Nancy’s Journey

February 25-76

Jann’s Clover

February 25-68

Jann’s Magical

February 25-75

Dinner with the Lewin’s and then crashed early.  We were all tired today, which I believe had a lot to do with the night before!

I’ll leave you with this…



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