Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 24/16 – Don’t Panic….it’s the beets!

HOLY SMOKES!  What a ride last night!  House shaking, bed shaking, dog shaking! Thankfully all here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals: Pet Friendly Beach and Rentals are safe and avoided the devastation that Pensacola and other Gulf states endured.  Prayers going out to all the families affected.

The sea was very angry this morning!  It also took away our beach, so our walk this morning ended shortly after it began –

This is one angry sea!

Feb. 24-33

Feb. 24-34

Feb. 24-35

Feb. 24-36

Check out these waves!

Feb. 24-37

Feb. 24-38

Feb. 24-40

Feb. 24-41

Feb. 24-42

It was so windy and you can see just how so with this guy!

Feb. 24-43

Just one more sea picture…I was fascinated!

Feb. 24-44

We got bandana’s!  Yay!  Brody and Tammi thank you Jann!

Feb. 24-46

..endless pocket of treats!

Feb. 24-47

My treat hound and our fabulous friends!

Feb. 24-48

Feb. 24-49

Feb. 24-50

We just couldn’t walk the pups on the beach as the sea claimed it, so we decided that on our way to Apalachicola to shop, pick up some sea food for tonight’s dinner with the Lewin’s and Phil and Christine, we stopped at Salina’s beach…but not much better there either.  We opted to run the pups in Salina’s park for a while to tire them out!

Once we arrived in Apalachicola, Sooz and I quickly lost the guys as we slipped into stores to shop for Grandkids Souvenir’s and Sooz for yet another turtle.  As I left Sooz in the turtle store, I headed to pick up a Christmas Ornament for my collection –  I didn’t see her struggling with one, so I assume she left it for next year.

My tummy started growling for some grub at The Owl – Amazing place to eat in Apalachicola – the shrimp taco’s are very yummy!  The hunt was on for the boys and our pups…hmmmmm.  Where could they be?

Of course!  Oyster City Brewing Company!  They welcomed our dogs with open arms in this open air brewery.  The boys loved their brews (not to mention it had 8% alcohol and they had a smile on their faces!).

Feb. 24-3

Feb. 24-4

After a delicious lunch (our 4th visit to the Owl), and leaving the boys with the bill, we headed to Oyster Bones for some goodies for our furbabies.  Off to Thirteen Mile Seafood for fresh oysters in the shell.  They are so reasonable, at $20.00 for a quarter bushel (about 4.5 doz!)..then off to St. Joe Shrimp Co to get the BEST Grouper and Shrimp around!

So we’re off to Phil and Christine’s to prepare dinner and I deliberately left my camera at home, but brought the trusty IPHONE…

View from Christine & Phil’s balcony!  WOW!

Feb. 24-5

Feb. 24-6

We’ve never had oysters on the grill before!  Phil was in charge of these babies and they were awesome!

Feb. 24-8

Feb. 24-9

Amazing how you can meet such wonderful people, which we hope will be forever friends! Sooz, Trev and Mikey and I already are!

Feb. 24-10

Christine is the PERFECT Hostess!  Thank you SO much for the “Life is Good” dress!Feb. 24-11

Feb. 24-13

Boys cookin’ up a seafood feast (and messing up Christine’s kitchen!)

Feb. 24-14

Grilled Oysters!

Feb. 24-15

…here’s the BEETS and loots of yummy veggies!

Feb. 24-16

Did you say more oysters?

Feb. 24-17

..and our Raw Oysters!  Can’t decide which I like better!

Feb. 24-18

Trev checking out the Grouper Fingers….

Feb. 24-19

My man in the kitchen…there’s something sexy about your man in the kitchen!

Feb. 24-20

Our AMAZINGLY marvelous new forever friends, Christine and Phil!

Feb. 24-21

Phil, you have a pretty sneaky expression on your face…what’s with the tongs?  Mikey looks a little worried!

Feb. 24-22

Feb. 24-23

Feb. 24-24

Sooz and Christine deep in conversation.

Feb. 24-25

Did you say smile?

Feb. 24-26

Feb. 24-27

You all have a place at our dinner table anytime!

Feb. 24-28

What a good girl Olive is on her dog blanket

Feb. 24-30

Chef Trev

Feb. 24-31

Time to go home and Christine would NOT let us help clean up!  Sorry to leave the mess, but don’t “mess” with Christine!

Feb. 24-32

Thank you Christine and Phil for the wonderful company and hosting the dinner at your beautiful condo.  Love you both.

I’m feeling melancoly as our stay here at the amazing Barrier Dunes is drawing close to an end.  New friends, amazing accommodations, beautiful pet friendly beach and so many, many memories…..

I’ll leave you with this….




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