Cape San Blas(t)-#100happydays – February 22/23, 2016 – I Can See Clearly Now….

Well, it happens…I missed writing my blog yesterday….but I had FIVE photoshoots so I was a little busy!  However, Rick and Pat FOUND MY GLASSES!  Yay.  So thankful and just in time for the photoshoots.  As we are at one of the most beautiful beaches here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals:Pet Friendly Beach we all want our pictures taken on the beach.  However, the sun (love the sunshine state!) does play a little havoc on shadows and squinting.  Yesterday (being Tuesday) we photographed Scout and Cabo.  Normally I take approximately 100 shots…I think only 1 shot had the pups eyes open!  LOL…So, off to the pond we went in late afternoon when the light was just right!

Let’s go back and start with our morning walk on Monday.  A leisurely walk on the beach, but just had to get this image of beautiful girl, Tammi, as it’s not often that there isn’t a ball in her mouth!

Feb 22 and 23

Trev enjoying the pups..

Feb 22 and 23-4

This pup, Clover holds a very special part of my heart…

Feb 22 and 23-3

Feb 22 and 23-6

The water is so warm!  Too bad about the sharks….DID SOMEONE SAY SHARK????

Feb 22 and 23-5

Our “Golden” friends

Feb 22 and 23-7

Dolphins this morning!

Feb 22 and 23-8

Feb 22 and 23-9

Feb 22 and 23-11


Feb 22 and 23-10

Love these guys and how fast their little legs carry them in and out of the surf!

Feb 22 and 23-2

Once again, Sooz saves another crab.  I can’t touch them dead or alive, and Sooz just picks them up and makes sure they get back to their home instead of lunch for some pelican!

We bumped into Karen Stevenson and snapped this one!

Feb 22 and 23-13

In the late afternoon, there was a knock on our door.  There stood Pat, Rick, Cabo and Scout AND MY GLASSES!!!  Yes!  Thank you guys so much for both reading my blog and finding my glasses!  Also, thank you to whomever put them in the gazebo.  There wasn’t a scratch on them!  We arranged a photoshoot for Pat, Rick and fur babies to thank them for their efforts!

We had a lovely dinner at the Lewin’s…Best chili I think I’ve ever had.  We made cornbread to go with it and it was a lovely evening.

Now on to yesterday…..

First photoshoot was for Cabo, Scout and their humans (AND…I was able to have my glasses to see what I was shooting thanks to them!)

Check out the chest on Scout!  However, eyes closed….sigh..

Feb 22 and 23-18

Closest I could get to having the pups eyes stay open!

Feb 22 and 23-14Lovely couple…so sweet!

Feb 22 and 23-15

Beautiful, Regal and CLOSED EYES!  Yikes.  So, I requested a re-do in late afternoon

Feb 22 and 23-16

In the mean-time, Mitch and Maggie arrived for their session.  Unfortunately, Julie was laid up with a broken leg!  She fell off the boardwalk on the second day they were here!  YIKES.  So, we worked with Mitch and Maggie and offered to go to Julie later in the day to include her!

Feb 22 and 23-19

Sweet Maggie

Feb 22 and 23-20

Then it was time for John and Dan (as in Steely Dan) :O)

Feb 22 and 23-21

Dan is almost the same age as Brody to the day…Looks so much like him, ‘cept he has two eyes!


Mikey and I and Sooz jumped into the truck with our two pups and headed to “The Trading Post” to pick up some wine for dinner and guess what we found?  Yes…a t-shirt that’s logo is…”Life is Good”….as you know, this is how I end each blog!  So cool.  Sooz and I bought the same shirt (“sand by me”…Yep, I know – now you will have the song worm in your head for the rest of the day).

There is something you need to know about Sooz and I.  We have been friends for over 15 years, brought together by our (previous) fur babies.  We’ve walked a lot of forest together and we can easily break in to song.  If you say the “A” word, we cannot help blasting out “Green Alligators ..and Long Neck Geese…” for example.  So when we saw the fighter jets flying over head on our morning walk on the beach, we broke into “God Bless America” and knew all the words (well, most of them)…Jann and Nancy were stumped when we started singing “Oh Canada”

Feb 22 and 23-12

So, as we were returning from our trip to the Trading Post, we meet Jann and Nancy who say they have a surprise for us…We asked them in when they broke out into “Oh Canada” and knew each and every word!  LOL…what amazing friends we have met! xoxox

…now on to the afternoon shoots….

Julie, Mitch and Maggie

Feb 22 and 23-22

A broken leg didn’t stop her from having to hobble down the stairs to get a pic with her baby

Feb 22 and 23-23

Then, the biggest challenge of the day…getting Cobo and Scout to keep their eyes open…pleeeeeeeze!


Feb 22 and 23-25Finished just in time to go for our 4pm walk on the beach.  What a find!!  As I fell off a sand ridge close to the water, then Sooz did the same thing…we literally stumbled upon a treasure of shells! They were stuck in the ridge of sand – beautiful shells…best yet!  Yee Haw!

Mikey made a beautiful Asian chicken with jasmine rice and Sooz brought over the amazing salad (recipe from Nancy!)… talked into the evening to end an amazing day. Love those guys so much!

Brody woke us up in the middle of the night panting and panicked…We should have paid more attention to him, as there was a tornado watch.  Prayers go out to all the devastation and the three people killed throughout the gulf. Pensacola was severely hit and only 193 miles from us.

I’ll leave you with this….




2 thoughts on “Cape San Blas(t)-#100happydays – February 22/23, 2016 – I Can See Clearly Now….

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  2. Robin is an incrediable photography and blogger. The words and feelings she describes,are true feelings of how much love she puts into her life and her talent of photography. Her photos have a way of capturing the beauty in her subjects that are evident in all her photos,
    She is a natural, and makes you feel comfortable behind the lens. I will treasure the photos we have with our dog maggie. It is a priceless gift, and I’ll always think of Robin when I see them.

    Liked by 1 person

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