Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 21st 2016 – SEE NO EVIL..

Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals – Pet Friendly Beach

That’s right….I lost my darn glasses on the beach!  If anyone finds a pair of Ray Ban – black glasses (not sunglasses), please let me know.  Thanks…..Good thing I have a spare pair, but they are both prescription lenses so valuable to me.

This is a short Blog with only two “sneak peek” photographs, as it was photoshoot on the beach this morning – so my clicking was concentrating on my wonderful furry friends with their humans and I need time to ensure they are just perfect before I send to them.

So here is beautiful Magic who own’s Jann:

Sneak peek Magical

And here is beautiful Journey who owns Nancy:

Sneak peek Journey

Love them!

Who says turtles are slow?  This guy was motoring across the road and our driveway, hopefully on his way to the pond in the backyard!


I’ll leave you with this….

IMG_7606 2

Life Is Good…..

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