CAPE SAN BLAS(T) – #100happydays -Feb. 19/16

Oh so much to put in the blog today and fighting with whether to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather here at Wendy Jackson’s amazing, pet friendly condo or be diligent and do my blog.  The blog wins!  Grab a cup of joe…this is a long one!

Let’s start where we normally do – the morning walk!

Our amazing friends Diane & Steve who are only with us a few days, then off to spend time with their “other” friends in Southern Florida…(Just kidding guys…love having you and would love to keep you!)

February 19-2

February 19-3

Brody taking Mikey for a walkFebruary 19-4

Just fun..what more can I say?

February 19-5

February 19-6

Sooz adding to her collection….and it’s a BIG collection…

February 19-7

Contemplating life…

February 19-8

…and shell findsFebruary 19-9

And…puppy fun!

February 19-10

Our beautiful Brody February 19-11

February 19-12

February 19-13

Look at this “Crabby” guy!February 19-15

February 19-16

Olive joins us!

February 19-17

A new friend Winston!

February 19-142

Ken and  Golden goldens!

February 19-155

Jann’s family (I’m terrible with names!)February 19-152

more shell discussions

February 19-158

More friends!

February 19-149

Nothing like a stroll on the beach..

February 19-162

Olive and Winston have become fast friends!

February 19-145

Brody has a new chasing buddy!

February 19-160

February 19-151

Sooz and Diane


February 19-148

Winston’s Humans!

February 19-136February 19-143February 19-144February 19-139February 19-161February 19-159February 19-150February 19-146February 19-140February 19-153February 19-156February 19-141February 19-154February 19-157February 19-163February 19-164

Ken & Ruthie

1February 19That was our morning walk.  We all decided to enjoy this beautiful day at the beach in the afternoon.  We were watching a gent fishing for shark when he got a pelican hooked on his line!  When I saw someone walking toward them with scissors, Steve, Diane and I hurried over to help “unhook” him rather than cut him loose.  I managed to hold the fisherman’s rod and Steve grabbed the pelican’s beak.  The fishman was able to get the hook out of his beak and after a moment of stunned reality, he flew off…YAYAYAYAYAY!  So happy we were able to free him.  TEAMWORK!

THEN…..da da da dum…. If this is on you’re bucket don’t want to miss…Two-Bit Stable Horseback Riding on the Beach! Call 850-227-4744 !!!

February 19-111February 19-100February 19-102February 19-115February 19-105February 19-107February 19-135

February 19-95February 19-77I love my life!!!

Trevor…aka “Cowboy” Trev

February 19-120

Sooz…aka…sadle ’em up Sooz

February 19-122

Diane..aka..Do It Di!

February 19-124


February 19-126

Robin..aka…Ropin’ Robz

February 19-131

I will leave you with this……. We all know the sun shines out of Mikey’s A$$..and here’s proof!

February 19-128LIFE IS GOOD!……

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