Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays -BUCKET LIST!!

Another amazing day at Cape San Blas  I had one of the most euphoric days!  I ticked off one of my adventures in my bucket list!

When I was a tweenager and lived in Arizona, I used to horseback ride often.  Saved my pocket money and would go and “rent” a horse at the local stables.  Years (and years) ago, you could actually “rent” the horse and take them home if you wanted…as long as they were back at the required time.  So, when Diane came to visit this week with Steve and suggested that she would love to horseback ride on the beach…I was elated!  Riding on the beach was on my “bucket list”.  Wendy Jackson placed one of Two-Bit Stable cards on the fridge.   So I called and made reservations for  Jann (Magical & Clover) Diane and myself.  And what a blast we had!…We are going to do the sunset ride with our hubby’s this Friday!  I can’t wait!

But let’s start at our morning walk –

We ran into our buddy Arwin (sp?) cute is he?

Feb 17-12

And of course Soozie Q and Princess Tammi!

Feb 17-5

Our Brody having a swim

Feb 17-11

And this beauty!

Feb 17-4

Mecca, Brody and Journey with Kim

Feb 17-6

Arwin heading for a dip

Feb 17-13

Glorious sunshine!

Feb 17-7

Feb 17-14

Feb 17-3

Feb 17-15

Diane & StevieFeb 17-2



Meet Sassy…


Feb 17-28


Feb 17-29

Mikey having a heart to heart…

Feb 17-31

Cheryl from Two Bit Stable  Two-Bit Stable– 850-227-4744 giving us our lesson

Feb 17-32

Cheryl handles her horses with nothing but gentle care and lots of love.  You can readily see this in her horses.  They are very well taken care of and very gentle and obedient!

Feb 17-33

So excited!

Feb 17-35

Feb 17

Feb 17-47Jann heading out!

Feb 17-38

I believe Stevie is giving Diane’s horse a kiss?  Or, could be instructions…lol

Feb 17-39

We are off and on top of the world!

Feb 17-42

Feb 17-45

Feb 17-46

Feb 17-40

Cheryl kept a close eye on us!

Feb 17-41

How beautiful is this?

Feb 17-49

Feb 17-48

I am one blessed woman!

Feb 17-51


Feb 17-50

Best Selfie…EVER!

Feb 17-10

Feb 17-16

Can you believe these two?  Apparently they do this all the time..only with each other…have you ever seen a horse roll it’s tongue??

Feb 17-17

Feb 17-19


Feb 17-18

Feb 17-20

Feb 17-21Love it so much, our hubby’s are coming with us this Friday for a sunset ride…can’t wait!

I’ll leave you with this….



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