Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 16, 2016

After a great sleep, we set out for our morning walk.  This is Steve’s reaction to our beach!

FEb. 16-2

Diane is pretty impressed a well…just a little more reserved…lol

FEb. 16-3

Someone’s grinning after catching this good lookin’ red drum!

FEb. 16-4

Oh no!  Are they, are they……

FEb. 16-5

Yep…they are!  Such a happy couple!

FEb. 16-6Diane meeting one of our faves

FEb. 16-7

and the whole gang!FEb. 16-8

FEb. 16-9

beautiful girls….

FEb. 16-10


FEb. 16-11

Did I miss Magical’s heart??

FEb. 16-12

This guy has my heart!

FEb. 16-13

FEb. 16-15

FEb. 16-16FEb. 16-17After another great morning walk, we headed out to golf!  Beautiful day!

FEb. 16-20

FEb. 16-18

Don’t mess with this guy!  Just sunning himself on the course!

FEb. 16-23

What form!

FEb. 16-24

My Guy!

FEb. 16-26

All in all..a Wonderful Day here at Barrier Dunes!

I’ll leave you with this….




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