Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – Canadian Family Day

Today is our Canadian Family Day in Ontario.  I do miss my family, especially our 3 children and 6 grandchildren and send my love.

It’s been a pretty exciting morning!  Our friends Steve and Diane arrived this morning at 9:15!!!  They drove all night from Tampa after an exhausting flight (2 stopovers)…  The good thing, ALL of their luggage, including their golf clubs arrived safely!  Whoohooo!  First thing they did besides having a cold glass of Florida Orange juice is crash for a few hours to catch up on their much needed sleep.  In the mean-time, we headed to the beach for our morning walk…

DOLPHINS!  Yes, we saw a couple – but they didn’t get in close and were quickly on their way…

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-2

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day

..We bumped into our faves….

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-3

and ended up in a puddle of puppes…I’m in heaven!!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-4

Lovely gal with her two standard poodles…so cute!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-6

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-5

and this beauty!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-7

who was a little camera shy!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-8

I finally go him/her?? to give me the nod!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-9

A lovely couple with their lovely pup!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-10

We bumped into fellow Canadian’s that live about 5 kms from us!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-11

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-12

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-13

Finally, we met Charlie (wiggle bum) for a photo!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-14

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-15

Now that’s what I call the stink eye!

FEB.15 - Canadian Family Day-16

Back home, trying to quietly sneak in without waking our guests…Brody, who thinks Diane and Steve are his second parents, waited patiently outside their door for them to get up.  After much gabbing and catching up, the men headed back down to the Shrimp place in town to buy more seafood!….and oh YUM, what a lovely dinner!

FullSizeRender 19

I’ll leave you with this…..





2 thoughts on “Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – Canadian Family Day

  1. Looks like the best way for any Canadian to enjoy the winter… I just sent this on to my two brothers who will be down this April to Barrier Dunes for our son’s wedding at the clubhouse … they are suffering the snow and dreary weather of Muskoka and Nova Scotia (both are cranberry growers!.. not yet retired!!)
    See you all soon early March.. Jan Morrison (121 Parkside Circle)


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