Cape San Blas(t) PART II – #100happydays

So, sitting on the deck, soaking up the sun and Billy the Blue Heron (I just named him ) who visits us regularly, shows up for some photo ops.  He really loved the sardines that I threw him…No wonder he keeps coming back!  We were a little worried that he was going to eat our baby turtle in the pond.  OMG…he’s so cute and about the size of …um…well, he’s about 4 inches from what I can gather.FEB.12-48


The Lewin’s and Mikey and I decided it was time to check out Indian Pass for dinner…but first we went down to the bottom of their road (sorry, it’s the one right across from the restaurant) and found a flock (? are a large number of pelican’s called a flock?) of pelican’s just hangin’ out..  The next few pics are from my iphone so the quality may not be as good…


If you haven’t been to the Indian Pass Raw Bar ( you don’t know what you’re missing!  You MUST go for the food AND for the experience…what a blast!  Here’s the menu….FEB.12-34



…and some selfies…cuz what’s a night out without selfies?FEB.12-36


Our American dollar that we posted along with the others….so much fun!FEB.12-37

Stuffed Shrimp….YUM!


Raw Oysters…YUM, YUM!FEB.12-40

So, if you want a jug…you just go and fill it!FEB.12-41

And the Steamed Shrimp…THEY WERE THE BEST!!FEB.12-42

On Friday’s..they have karaoke outside while you wait for your table…or when you’re finished your dinner and you just wanna have some more fun! FEB.12-43



Here’s Trev enjoying the evening!FEB.12-46

If that wasn’t fun enough, we get home and break out Jann’s salad that she so generously shared with us….. That was the climax of the evening…that and the fact that you don’t get any form of greens at the Pass!FEB.12-47

So let me leave you with this…





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