Cape San Blas(t) Part I #100happydays

I’m going to split this blog into two parts today….too many photos and too much fun!  I don’t want to miss a thing!

Oh Glory Days!  Although a little windy, our days was full of sunshine and full of fun! Started on the beach getting a few shots of pups with their humans.

February 12 florida-4February 12 florida-5

Our Beautiful friends, Sooz & Trev.  Such a wonderful couple!

February 12 florida-6 

I think we’re boring Brody!

Can’t remember these cuties names, as Sooz said they were the “f’n” pups.  I think that’s what their neighbours donned them as they both start with the letter “F”…They should be called the cutie pups…so sweet!

February 12 florida-9

February 12 florida-7

February 12 florida-10 

Then we meet the “golden girls”…our faves on the beach! February 12 florida-15

and a human that loves their pups…

February 12 florida-16  

Jann’s sister Marilyn…she sure does have their attention!

 February 12 florida-19February 12 florida-18

and of course, Journey who just poses for the camera…what a ham!

February 12 florida-22

Some more cuties:-

February 12 florida-14February 12 florida-12February 12 florida-11February 12 florida-13

Sooz couldn’t save this starfish….

February 12 florida-23 

I liked this Black and White…I think this is mother and daughter…

February 12 florida-25February 12 florida-26February 12 florida-28

Check out the tongue!

How do you say GORGEOUS?  Love this man!

February 12 florida-29 

All this guy was interested in was chasing that ball!

February 12 florida-30

February 12 florida-31 

So that was our morning walk….

can you see the fish in there that the boys were trying to catch in the pond behind us? This guy wouldn’t bite!

February 12 florida-33


Fabulous pic shot by Mikey!….


and one of his Mrs….(me)!


Stay tuned for Part II…because…


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