Cape San Blas(t)#100happydays

Rise N’ Shine!  We get why Florida is called the Sunshine State!  However…….this morning it had one angry sea and wind!  So windy we lasted only 10 minutes on the beach.  Once you got out of the wind, it was lovely..

Florida Feb. 10-3.jpg

Florida Feb. 10-2.jpg

This little guy even tried to escape the sea!

Florida Feb. 10.jpg

Alas…say what you want about Northern Florida being ccccooold….this is beautiful white SAND, instead of the nasty stuff you have to shovel at home!

The boys headed off to golf.  Apparently Trevor had FIVE, yes FIVE layers on, not including a toque and hat on top.  Too bad they didn’t get a photo…they must have been concentrating on their game, or better still, trying to keep warm and swing with all those clothes on.!

Sues and I on the other hand decided to have a day with the pups in Apalachicola.  Our mission was to get Sues “Turtle” home.  This is a concrete turtle that must weigh 60 pounds.  She’s been determined since she saw this beast, that she is going to bring her prize home to Canada.  We also wanted to get the pups fitted for a new easy walk harness. Both of us have trouble hanging onto our dogs when they get it in their head to dislocate our shoulders by leaping in a different direction.  So off we go…..

Our first stop was to get a shot of the famous Indian Pass…Too bad the garbage bins were in front…next time I’ll take Sues up on her offer to go move them!

Florida Feb. 10-4.jpg

After spending over an hour shopping, and in the case of Brody and Tammi, sniffing around in The Oyster Bones, and being fitted for brand new harnesses, we headed off to have lunch at the Owl.  This is our second visit, as the first was very impressive.  The unique thing about this lovely restaurant, is it’s pet friendly.  So, we dined with Tammi and Brody in the sunshine.  It was beautiful and sunny and WARM.  The pups enjoyed their bones and we enjoyed fresh shrimp stuffed soft tacos….The picture below doesn’t do it justice…very affordable and delicious!





Our hostess, Christine was attentive and brought out a large bowl of water for the pups.  She knew how to get on our good side!



Thanks Christine!  You made our visit that much better!



Now…off to get the turtle…..  I wait in the truck with the pups and Sues goes in to buy the turtle.  We were there earlier and negotiated the price and advised we would be back to pick it up..Problem is, neither of us can pick him up!  So, the owner goes a couple of shops down and finds a willing young man that will carry this tortoise to our truck.  A lovely young gentleman finally emerges trying to look as though this turtle isn’t 70 pounds of concrete, gently puts Sues treasure into the back of the truck…..Only to realize, it’s lost it’s toe!  Back he goes (and I bet right about not he’s thinking why he agreed to do a good deed for two retired ladies) along with Sues to find another….It all worked out ok and I’m sorry we didn’t get the young lads name.  He was so nice to have helped us out.



This beauty will accentuate Sues garden nicely…that’s if Trev can lift the sucker!

We ended the evening inviting the Lewin’s over for a Chili dinner, topping it off with cigars and wine on the deck……Truly amazing day…AGAIN!

I’ll end with this…..I totally get it!


Life is good…….

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