Cape San Blas(t)#100happydays

Woke up this morning with teeth chattering….got out of the (king size) bed, as I had no covers…walked around and snuggled in with Mikey.  Brody, the bed hog, had all the covers!  The wind was howling and the curtains were blowing?!  I obviously hadn’t closed the patio doors properly!  The weather definitely turned.  From 17c to brrrrrr….  Well, the temperature wasn’t so’s the darn wind (chill!).  However….

The sun is shining and a new day of adventure awaits!

As we couldn’t walk the beach this morning, due to the wind and angry sea, we decided to  explore some new beaches.


Florida Feb. 9-6

I believe this is Salina’s Beach….I can see beautiful beach for miles!  Yes, you got it…white sandy beach and sunshine and nobody on it!

Florida Feb. 9-7

We collected lots of unique shells.  It reminds me of golf ball hunting, which reminds me of Easter Egg hunting…lol.

Florida Feb. 9.jpg

Our men (and Tammi) enjoying the sunshine!

Florida Feb. 9-2

Well, Sues and I had to get in on the act!

Florida Feb. 9-8.jpg

Trevor in a “time out”  He lost Tammi’s ball….!

So off we go to Mexico Beach.  Brody fell asleep sitting up in the back, as he was afraid he was going to miss something!

Florida Feb. 9-3.jpg

There is a dog park at Mexico Beach …but once again…it was way too crowded…NOT.  Not a soul there, except a Fed EX truck…We thought they were really serious about delivery and followed us, but no.  The Fed Ex guy got out of the truck with his golf clubs and balls and was practicing chipping…Gee, I want his job.  Hang on…No I don’t ..I’m retired!

Florida Feb. 9-6.jpg

Shame about the weather…partly cloudy…Ynuk, Ynuk…

Florida Feb. 9-5.jpg

Lovely and warm walk in the sunshine.  Oh the smells…so fresh and full of nature’s goodness.

Florida Feb. 9-7.jpgNot sure what these’s flowers were, but they were awfully pretty.

After our walk, we headed to the Dockside for lunch.  Sues and I were there a couple of days ago and had the grouper fingers and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since…Florida Feb. 9-13.jpg

They even have a pet friendly area, where you can bring your fur baby to dine with you!

Florida Feb. 9-9.jpg

But unfortunately, the wind was a little too chilly to dine outside today.

Florida Feb. 9-11.jpg

Rachel was our hostess and she was so sweet and attentive!  She even tried her hand at my camera…

Florida Feb. 9-8.jpgMost of us had the grouper fingers, but I cannot tell a lie…. It wasn’t as good as the last time we were there.  Not sure if it was just filleted differently, but these were more like grouper slices than the grouper fingers we had.  They sure give you a lot of ’em though!  Hopefully it was just an off day.  We plan to return to make sure!

Florida Feb. 9-10.jpg

Florida Feb. 9-12.jpg

Well that just about wrapped up our day.  We got home and just chilled.  Read, watched some tv, chatted with my daughter Michelle and continued to practice being retired in an amazing place.

Thought I’d end with a lovely quote today:


Life is good….

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