Cape San Blas(t) #100happy days

Oh what a wonderful sleep when all you can hear….is nothing!  Up and feeling refreshed and ready for our walk on the beach.

Thought I’d take some photos of the two lovebirds, Susan and Trevor, who have been married for over 40 years and still in love!  A rarity these days, but lovely to see!

Florida Beaches & Dogs-5.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-6.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-7.jpg

Such a lovely trio, I couldn’t decide which to post, so when in doubt, publish them all…well not quite them all…

The waves on the beach were quite something this morning…very beautiful!Florida Beaches & Dogs-2.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-4.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-9

Olive, the golden doodle joined us for some fun…this will be our next dog…she is so cute!  She squeaks like a stuffy toy and is full of beans!  Just turned 1 year old.  So cute!

Florida Beaches & Dogs-13.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-3.jpg

My favourite picture of Tammi


Florida Beaches & Dogs-14


Florida Beaches & Dogs-12

Florida Beaches & Dogs-16.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-15

Florida Beaches & Dogs-17.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-18

Florida Beaches & Dogs-19.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs-20.jpg


Florida Beaches & Dogs-21.jpg

Florida Beaches & Dogs.jpg

Our Brody Boy!

Florida Beaches & Dogs-22.jpg


So back for a quick change and off to St. Joe’s Golf and Country Club.  We only played 9 holes, but had a great time on a fine day!



Wow…what happened?  The wind is howling and the sea is very angry looking!  Nobody on the beach, as the sand was flying everywhere!



I have to end with this picture, as it’s so true…


Life is good…..

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