Day 10 – Cape San Blas(t) #100happydays @barrierdunes

So…I just don’t where to start.  What a jammed packed fun day here Barrier Dunes Cape San Blas!  Well, the beginning would be good…..

We had a wonderful sleep and slept in until 7:30, which is unlike us…but it felt sooooo good!  Coffee and snuggles then off for our 9am walkies with the Garside’s & Lewin’s.  I have to warn you, there are many, many pictures today…..

Amazing walk on the beach…everyone was out with their humans….

florida and Woofstock

florida and Woofstock-5

florida and Woofstock-7

florida and Woofstock-12

florida and Woofstock-6

florida and Woofstock-9

florida and Woofstock-8

florida and Woofstock-14

florida and Woofstock-17

florida and Woofstock-13

florida and Woofstock-16

florida and Woofstock-15

florida and Woofstock-11

florida and Woofstock-3

florida and Woofstock-4

florida and Woofstock-19

florida and Woofstock-18

Then, we saw some dolphins fishing very close to shore.  Look closely, as you will see a dolphin with his catch…we think it’s a red snapper, but would like some feedback!  Let us know what you think this fish may be..poor guy, he was breakfast!

florida and Woofstock-26

florida and Woofstock-28

florida and Woofstock-29

What kind of fish was this?  Was is the operative word…as it WAS lunch!

florida and Woofstock-27

You can see the eyes of the dolphin and most of this fish!

florida and Woofstock-32

Our Beautiful Boy

florida and Woofstock-20

Bestest Friends….a pelican and sea gull.  Sea gull follows the pelican around and when he dives into the water, he lands on his back to catch any leftovers…too bad I didn’t get him landing on his back.  Oh well..there’s always tomorrow!

florida and Woofstock-22

Tammi was seriously thinking about  going out to play with the dolphin

florida and Woofstock-24


florida and Woofstock-21

Sooze saved a Horseshoe crab who was desitined to be someone’s lunch as he was washed up to shore.  She was diligent in ensuring that he got his sea legs…of he went!

florida and Woofstock-33

Then, off to Woofstock in Apilachicola…now that was something else!

florida and Woofstock-42.jpg

florida and Woofstock-55.jpg

florida and Woofstock-45florida and Woofstock-46

There’s too many fun pictures of Woofstock, but not to worry, you can check them all out (and download them if you find your special one!) by following the link below: 

We enjoyed lunch at the Owl.  We had 3 different people recommend this restaurant.  It was very good food and good value for your dollar (ie., Canadian $.60)  Yummy P’Boy oysters with a lovely fresh salad.  Although the fries came cold for those who ordered them, the staff were quick to remedy the situation with a fresh hot batch!  We would visit this restaurant again.



florida and Woofstock-119

florida and Woofstock-120

Another walk on the beach when we returned home and then cocktails..which were suppose to be next door.  The unit next door, which is between the Lewin’s and us has remained unoccupied since we, as it was a very sunny spot, we set up our table and chairs in that driveway until…you guess it…the owners arrived.. how do you say ACKWARD?  We moved to the Lewin’s for a drink then back to our place for a pot luck dinner.

Friends, Memories, Laughs, Good Food, Good Drinks………

Life is good….


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