Day 7 – Cape San Blas(t) #100happydays

Good Morning…everyday is a good morning here at the Barrier Dunes.  We were expecting a rather nasty day and alas, it turned out beautiful.  HOT, sunny at times and the rain held off until evening.

Our morning walk with the Lewin’s…how happy does it make you feel when you’re pups are running and playing on the beach?  I don’t remember that feeling since the kids were little.  I’d love to have all six of our grandchildren here with us.  They would LOVE it!  The little one’s would love the sand and the older one’s would love the waves and the fishing and turtles in the backyard!


Entrance to the beach


Are those happy faces or what?!


Tammi resting and keeping her balls close!


I got this one!

FullSizeRender 12IMG_7435

Back to the Condo for Brunch and after a little fishing in the backyard…


Florida for Dad-12

back of our condo

The Lewin’s Condo is two doors away and we share the same backyard, so the boys decided it was time to get out the rods…



Got one!




now he is NOT my friend


They had a blast catching these sometimes not so little fish and throwing them back.  I think they may have caught the same one’s over and over, as they were reeling ’em in as fast as they were casting at times!

Back for our afternoon walk before dinner.  Now this is white stuff that I can handle!


Off to dinner for the Snowbirds Meet and Greet.  Some lovely Oysters!…mmmmmm


Finally the rain came and chucked it down for a while.  First bit of rain we’ve seen since we arrived.

Another wonderful day.

Miss my babies at home!  Love you Jordan, Tessa, Maddie, Abbey, Hannah & Emma…and of course your parents!  LOL…

Life is good…..



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