A dreamy night….no sounds and no pup waking up for a bathroom break…ahhhhh.

The beautiful alarm in the mornings are the birds singing.  So those of you who know me well, know that I’ve  ordered a bird feeder for the tree behind us.  There is a little pond with turtles (and snakes!) and fish that love it when I throw bread in there for them.  I threw some lettuce for tippy the turtle yesterday, but he was being a tad bit shy.  Came over and checked it out, but we didn’t see him eat it.  Gone today – so someone did…gawd I hope it wasn’t the poisionus snakes that are in there!

Off for our morning stroll on the beach.

Florida day 5

Horseshoe Crab…tried to save him, but someone got to him first…

Florida day 5-12

My Handsome Man!


Florida day 5-9

Tammie not giving up either of her balls for Sooz!

Florida day 5-2

Tammi lovin the waves

Florida day 5-10

They are BOTH mine!

Florida day 5-3

Cruzin the beach

Florida day 5-4

Don’t drink the (salty) water!

Florida day 5-13

How do you spell FUN?

Florida day 5-8

Lovin their walks together

Florida day 5-6

Florida day 5-11

(My) Footprints in the sand

Florida day 5-7Florida day 5-5

Back home for an amazing brunch.  Our friends Ken & Ruth, who are camping about an hour away, are coming to visit with their pup, Jackie (he’ll fit right in with all the goldens on the beach!) for the day.  We haven’t seen Ruth & Ken since the summer, so looking forward to a visit.

OMG…friends, bestest friends, reminicence, memories  of generations of pups and just being grateful.. 3 pizza’s, 6 friends, a bunch of wine and lots of memories…how good can it get?

Florida day 5-23

How much are those doggies in the window?

Florida day 5-22

A Boy and His Dog

Florida day 5-21

Ruthie & Jackson


Florida day 5-20

Airforce Jet


Florida day 5-19

Puddles of Fun

Florida day 5-18

Got it!


Florida day 5-17Florida day 5-16Florida day 5-15

Florida day 5-14

Footprints in the sand

Florida day 5-13Florida day 5-12Florida day 5-11

Florida day 5-10

Our boy

Florida day 5-9


Florida day 5-8

Jackson & Tammi

Florida day 5-7

Regal Boy

Florida day 5-6

No Words…..

Florida day 5-5

too bad about the weather…ynuk, ynuk!

Florida day 5-4

Worlds longest pee

Florida day 5-2Florida day 5

Life is good….very good.

IMG_1590 2

forever friends




Princess Tammi


Pooped Pooches!

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