Day 4 – Cape San Blas(t) #100happydays

Well, here we are at 6:27am and guess who is still sleeping?  He’s been out for his morning deposit and went straight back to bed..without his breakfast?  One tired pooch!  Just wait to see what’s in store for you today!


One Tired Pooch!

Fabulous walk on the beach this morning with the Lewin’s and many, many dogs.  Mostly Goldens here (Brody’s nose is out of joint..he really is the “black sheep”).   We saw dolphin’s playing in the ocean this morning, found amazing shell’s including a U.S. Sand Dollar which converts to about 25 cents Canadian! How cool is that? Brody is loving the beach AND his new spot in the living room!

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Brody’s new lookout!

We just got back from the Piggly Wiggly – that in Floridian is “the” grocery store.  It’s just around 1/2 hour from our place.  I can’t believe how friendly the people are. Almost TOO friendly – took us almost 1.5 hours to get our shopping done!

Another walk on the beach before going out for dinner


Soooz looking for dolphins



FullSizeRender 9


FullSizeRender 8


Furbabies posing for pictures before we abandoned them for dinner!


Ran down to get the sunset!





We went to the Sand Bucket for dinner.  Oh man was it good!  Grouper fingers, beans, fries – we will be back there for sure!

Another fabulous day!

Life is good…

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