Day 1 – Pickering to Kentucky #100happydays

Day 1 – Pickering to Kentucky #100happydays

We set the alarm this morning for 2:45am. Brody on the other hand had his own alarm clock – one that awoke each ½ hour due to the various trips to the truck to pack it up…and he wasn’t in it! We gave in at 2:30 and hit the start button on the coffee. The last odds and sods completed at the house before we left and a stop at Timmie’s where our favourite Pet Carer, Lara works one of her many jobs. She treated us to an amazing breakfast of her own concoction of turkey, veggies, cheese & yummy chipotle sauce all grilled in a wrap…YUM!!! She put a goody bag together for us with soup, donuts AND chicken for Brody…we were all set and began our trip at 4:18am.

We were concerned about the weather around the London area, as there was a dusting of snow overnight and a common spot for whiteouts. We sailed through that area without incident.

Our first stop was just before the Ambassador Bridge border crossing to fill up with gas (why? so cheap in the US…live and learn) and washroom break for us all – except Brody who is the only MALE lab that can hold his pee for 12 hours. You would think most males would cock their legs on each trash can, light post and anything else that is stationery….not our boy. It was VERY cold with the wind. The temperature said 0 celsius , but it felt like -10 with the windchill.  

Time to change drivers. We sailed across the border; Brody’s papers and our passports was all that he asked us to provide along with the typical questions about food (fruit…right Mum?). Next Stop was Ohio, just before Cincinnati. After much pleading – “poopoo, peepie Brody”…”PLEASE”…he finally obliged but only after we spotted a deer in the woods! At first, we thought it was a very large dog…you think I’d have pulled my phone out of my purse? Noooo…I must have been half asleep…but I did get a pic of the sign…IMG_1538FullSizeRender

The weather has been amazing for our drive so far. Now 9C and SUNNY…ahhhh…the sun!

Um…..there is a very bad smell now in the truck…who stepped in it? We will find out at our next stop…I’m afraid to look.

So now off to Costco..Mikey has the bug. Can’t pass up a Costco…I’m not sure exactly what we’re looking for, but hey..I’m game!

Wouldn’t you know it…it was me that had pooh all over my boot!  How does one get SH!T off one’s boot?  Very carefully!

Costco..hmmmm we didn’t find it that cheap when you add the exchange.  As Mikey says…”The Robin’s in the park haven’t flown south as it’s too expensive”…BUT, we did get our dinner for tonight for under $20.  The booze (yes, you can get booze at Costco) was a bit cheaper, but the gas blew it all away.  Costco Gas – $1.51 for unleaded…ah..that per GALLON…we paid a little more for premium.  Good haul!

We are here (just after 3!) in Georgetown Kentucky all settled in our “upgraded” room with the nicest check in lady to whom we snuck down a glass of wine.


Let’s hope we have an uneventful night (Brody)!

ahhhhh…life is good!

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