The Good! The Bad & The Ugly (But it’s all Good) A Recap Of The Great Cape (San Blas) Escape 2018

Many of my friends have asked where my blogs are.  Well, part of my New Years’ Resolution was to spend a little less time viewing life behind my lens but rather relaxing after an amazing, but busy last year.

Be be careful what you wish for Peeps…it’s this is a long ‘un!

Where has the time gone?  As we travel back home to our family and friends, I look back with bittersweet memories of the past two months.

The Good.  The Bad.  The Ugly

Let start with the GOOD.

Being reunited with our “Furever Friends” and the beach.  Oh, the beach. All Good. The beginning of January was pretty chilly, but at least the white stuff here didn’t have to be shoveled!

1st Beach Walk 2018-5

Entering Paradise

1st Beach Walk 2018-8

Reunited and it feels so good

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-25

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-17

Even the pups are excited to be united with their friends!

Welcome Kim, Claudio & MeccaWelcome Kim, Claudio & Mecca-10.jpg

Welcome Kim, Claudio & Mecca-20

Catching up


1st Beach Walk 2018-23

1st Beach Walk 2018-14

jumping for joy!

1st Beach Walk 2018-19

and, ohhhh..that first dip in the sea…oh yeah

1st Beach Walk 2018-31

ahhhh….we don’t have to act like responsibles adults! We just have fun!

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-15


Welcome Kim, Claudio & Mecca-30.jpg

Did I mention the Shenanigans?


Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-14



guess who?

Well, told ya it was a bit cold in January!

guess who?-2

But never too cold for treats says the Ninja Turtle rescuer

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-10

Playing together

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-32

Balls! Balls! Where’s the darn Balls?


All Played Out

Fish Fries….Oh they were Good!  Grouper Fingers, Shrimp, Scallops…YUM!

IMG_2853 2

Nothing like fresh Grouper…fingers




Sharing Dinners with Besties

And the fun times at the end of the day… Seniors trying to open a jug of milk!

Did I mention it was COLD in January?  Well, it was so cold that our beloved turtles on The Cape became “Cold Stunned”.  Well, this is part of the Good & Bad and ultimately GOOD!

When water temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), cold-blooded sea turtles, like this Kemp’s ridley, can become cold-stunned. They are unable to swim or even raise their heads out of the water to breathe, which can lead to drowning. 


Break your heart?  Oh yeah…So Gulf Scientists and Volunteers (mostly Barrier Dunes Snowbirds, I might add) banded together to rescue over 1200 Cold Stunned Turtles, transporting them over and hour and a half to Panama’s Gulf World, where they were warmed and rehabilitated.



Jan M., a Snowbird and Owner at Cape San Blas – A retired vet with very large heart.


And our Jannie who transported many turtles like this one.  She made numerous trips back and forth to Panama’s Gulf World with these beautiful creatures

In addition to days of rescue, our little group of friends went out to ensure no other turtles surfaced…


And we found more…

For Claudio and Kim

Claudio & Jann

Turtle Rescue-17.jpg


Turtle Rescue-26.jpg





Suz…can you feel the love?

Turtle Rescue-53.jpg

Turtle hero..Christine

Turtle Rescue-60.jpgAnd now for the “GOOD” part of this story….

After the turtles warmed up at Gulf World, it was time to release them back into the Gulf at Cape San Blas.  We actually made National TV News…some good news for a change…

Turtle Release-2

people turned out in the masses to cheer on the turtle heroes

Turtle Release-3

and I was there to photograph them

Turtle Release-7Turtle Release-13



Did I mention it was cold?   It was so cold that we all got sweatshirts…Same.


Now more GOOD…Beach Days…oh they were Good

1st Warm Beach Day-6.jpg

1st Warm Beach Day-8.jpg

1st Warm Beach Day-3.jpg

Life's A Beach-4

Steve Soaking Up The Sun!

Life's A Beach-8.jpg


Life's A Beach-10.jpg

Suz, Tam Tam and Trev

Fishing.  Fishing was Good

Fishing Anyone?-2.jpg

Fishing Anyone?-5.jpg


Fishing Anyone?-7.jpg

Claudio and his fishing partner, Mecca

Then, there is this!  How many does it take to put up an Sunbrella?

How many does it take to install a sunbrella?-2.jpg

OMG!  He’s actually reading the instructions!  What has the world come to?

How many does it take to install a sunbrella?-3.jpg

How many does it take to install a sunbrella?-5.jpg

OK..C’mon…let’s follow these

How many does it take to install a sunbrella?-6.jpg

What a novel idea!  Mikey, Trev, Mitch and Christine


How many does it take to install a sunbrella?.jpg

Getting there!

How many does it take to install a sunbrella?-9.jpg

TADA!!!  Christine, Mitch and Mikey

Just another walk on the beach-7

Pete, Catherine & Pups arrive!

Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-8


Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-13

TONKA – The new kid on the block

Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-11

Set the puppies free!

Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-14

You need a drink after that amazing run, Sister?

Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-34

Pete & Catherine

Dining…oh the dining was GOOD


Nancy’s perfect “swimmin’ in butta” shrimp!






CHRISTMAS DINNER IN JANUARY-22And dinners for…well no reason!  They’re all GOOD

Furever Friends Dinner!-3.jpg

Furever Friends Dinner!-21

Furever Friends Dinner!-20.jpg

We musn’t forget the shenanigans…they’re ALL GOOD!

Furever Friends Dinner!-23.jpg

Game Nights!  Oh they were GOOD fun!   Right, Left, Centre anyone?

game night-28

Oh, this looks intense!

game night-27

Christine racks in the dough!

Game Night wasn’t complete without the pups!

game night-17game night-18game night-22

game night-26

And the Sunsets….Gloriously GOOD

game night-23

game night-2

game night-16

Turtle Rescue-9





Sunrises are GOOD too!

134 sand pine drive, unit 91, barrier dunes-2.jpg

Dining out…Yeah…that was GOOD!


AND our very favorite place to eat….The Indian Pass Raw Bar!

Indian Pass Raw Bar - The Original-10


Yes…those spots are raindrops!


Indian Pass Raw Bar - The Original-19.jpg

And this little Gem…Shipwreck Raw Bar in Mexico Beach!  Gotta try the crab cakes…oh Good…they were…GOOD.  And Portia, our waitress…she wasn’t just GOOD, she was AMAZING!28377837_10160227266300454_184806818952745788_n

27982670_10160167159010454_4735808170637943069_o27993101_10160167160910454_2268870101431567093_o28061383_10160167163090454_2158948826282021288_oWe can’t forget Olive’s Birthday!  That was GOOD fun with her very own “doggy” birthday cake!

27798068_10160167160240454_5022281150392758114_o27907915_10160167155285454_1841240505787457865_o27912819_10160167162875454_5973218466943569078_o27913376_10160167159810454_3471321353516843994_oLadies Lunches…Yeah.. All GoodIMG_2490.jpg

Our favorite!  Indian Pass Raw Bar – UPTOWN.  This is the new one in Port St. Joe

Secret lunch dates with my man…oh they were GOOD!



MOVIE NIGHTS!   That was GOOD!  Complete with popcorn and “pupcorn”





Movie NightLet’s get THE BAD out of the way……

The FLU!  Oh man, it hit hard in Port St. Joe…Well, the entire Gulf actually.  Schools were closed, hospitals were FULL.  Hand sanitizer became my best friend!  We all escaped “The Flu”, as responsible seniors..we all had our flu shots…right?  However, one of our dear friends, Suz fell ill (and yes, she had her flu shot!) with one thing after another…Pneumonia, then along with that “Bad” infection – a sinus infection and then a serious infection that landed her in hospital for four days.  She was and has been ill since she arrived in January.  All the while still trying to care for others…which leads us into the…..

THE UGLY…let’s get that out of the way too…..

Our main Shenanigator, Jannie,  broke – no shattered her leg.  On. The. Beach. with the assistance of a couple of pups that got tangled up in her feet.  First responders at Barrier Dunes were nothing short of amazing.  After 911 was called, they magically appeared.  Not just one..oh no…a resident First Responder, Victoria was the first to care for Jannie to try and comfort her while waiting for the ambulance.  Three more First Responders arrived in two trucks followed by an ambulance.  All involved were compassionate, patient and caring. What followed next was a major cluster “FU@K”!  To the hospital, X-rays, break confirmed.  Surgery confirmed.  Then they sent her home.  Oh yeah…they sent her home with a dangling, broken leg and no meds.  Said she needed to go to another hospital on Monday (this was Saturday)… Well, they gave her a prescription for pain meds..but the pharmacy was closed…In the middle of the night, when she could stand the pain no longer, another ambulance ride to  the hospital.  Well, they did give her meds this time…AND AGAIN – sent her home.  Poor Jannie!  Finally Monday comes – and the fight about who and where her surgery will take place.  Ok, I’m getting upset writing about this UGLY situation, so lets say that Jannie had major surgery (but not until THURSDAY…oh yeah) with titanium, cadaver bones and screws implanted into her leg.


Family  ….caring for Jannie while awaiting news on surgery


Food…lots of food arrived…a lot


Oh Boy…no words

IMG_2853 3

Friends And Family

Jannie and pups

Recovering at home with her beloved furbabies, comfort and love

Convalesing at home with the best therapy ever..







Jannie's Visit with Tonka and Catherine-3


Jannie's Visit with Tonka and Catherine-23

Now back to the GOOD…because it’s all GOOD.

Jann is making great ‘strides’ in her recovery.  She’s back to her walks (well, Nancy’s walks, her rides) throughout Barrier Dunes, chatting with all her friends and acquaintences, who wish her well.  She’s now enjoying afternoons by the pool and fresh air.

Special shout out to Nancy!  We love you for all you did, do and keep on doing for your best friend!  You see, while Nancy was caring for Jannie in hospital, their furbabies missed them incredibly.  They had to be removed from the condo until the operation was complete and Jannie home to avoid further injury to the shattered leg.  Here is a reunion with Nancy and her pups after being separated for many days….


Beach Walks….how GOOD were they!?


28423798_1434301560012994_2964215042134828895_obeach walk28423798_1434301560012994_2964215042134828895_o






28276600_1981863025175073_5135507997630588053_n (1)

Apalachicola…OYSTERFEST!  YUMMY and GOOD



No.  They aren’t eating oysters…But they are eating Oyster Bones!!  Made locally as dog biscuits with oyster shells.




Apalachicola’s Annual Barkfest Mardi Gras….Now this is always GOOD!

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-4

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-6

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-9

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-2

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-13

Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-8Steve & Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-3Steve & Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-30Steve & Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-40Steve & Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-14Steve & Diane's Mardi Gras Pics-29

EAGLES!!!!  For thos who know me well, know how much I love my birds.  And know that I’m forever trying to find Eagles….So, one more check off my bucket list…EAGLES..with the help of my fellow photographer and friend, Catherine, we were able to photograph the Eagles nest that was conveniently located right across the street from her condo.  We then treked down the beach to a favorite tree the eagles perch in…  As luck would have it, there he was sitting proud and stoic up in the tree!  We were determined to get him flying and he was determined that he was going to sit there and anjoy the sunshine!  So, we waited (at one point, I was laying on my belly in the rather wet sand) for an hour and a half for him to lite!  And it was worth the wait.  It was really GOOD!


So then this happened….Brody and Tammi got into a bad of dog food and ate themselves silly!  We think they must have eaten at least 10 lbs of dry dog food.  Brody was so bloated, he looked like a sheep and could hardly walk down the stairs.  After a night of “BAD” poopies for Brody and projectile vomitting for Tammi, well they were ready for breakfast…NOT!  Silly puppies….

As to GOOD always outweighs the BAD…We have our very own private concert with Joe Hash!  Joe is friends of Catherine & Pete and came to visit with his sweet wife, Diane.  He had us all in tears with this amazing song he wrote for one of his pups.  Get out the kleenex!

In conclusion, what brings us to this wonderful puppy paradise year after year is the wonderful friends we have met, the walks on the beach and most important,  it’s where we …….


1st Beach Walk 2018-141st Beach Walk 2018-201st Beach Walk 2018-241st Beach Walk 2018-35

Life Is Dog-2Life Is Dog-3Life Is Dog-4

Life Is Dog-6Life Is Dog-9Life Is Dog-11

Life Is Dog

Welcome Kim, Claudio & Mecca-27Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-11Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-22Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-27

Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-23Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-36Catherine, Pete and Furbaby Visit-41

Daisy's first beach walk and Trevor's almost landed Cat Fish (Bigly)-5Daisy's first beach walk and Trevor's almost landed Cat Fish (Bigly)-25Daisy's first beach walk and Trevor's almost landed Cat Fish (Bigly)-29Daisy's first beach walk and Trevor's almost landed Cat Fish (Bigly)-31Daisy's first beach walk and Trevor's almost landed Cat Fish (Bigly)-33

As each of our “pack” slowly returns home, our beach walks become smaller.  The realization of our return to the real world suddenly becomes a reality.  Mike and I are ready.  We’re ready to go home.  We miss our family.  At the same time, we will miss our friends here.  We will miss the beach walks.  We will miss our Movie Nights.  We will miss our Game Nights.  We will miss our Dinners together.  However, we will take all those wonderful  memories with us, until we meet once again, next year.

The morning we were leaving, we took our last walk on the beach.  The dolphins gave us a splended good-bye, as they played in the sea.  So GOOD.  And as we made our way off the Cape, as a final good-bye a beautiful eagle soared in the sky tipping his wings waving a final good-bye.

I’ll leave you with this…

27072349_10160074295955454_6653225301184693620_n copy

Life Is Good….


All You Need Is Love…

It’s February  (OK, so I’m a little late) – The Month Of Love and there is plenty of it here at Cape San Blas(t).  Many different kinds of love; but love just the same.

I’m going to concentrate on the deep love derived from friendship.  Mike and I are blessed with many friends.  Each friendship is unique and treasured.  The friendship that exists between husband and wife, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, childhood friendships, old friends and new.

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-25Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-23Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-14

Mike and I have collected many friends with one important commonality – Dogs.  Our furbabies.  “Man’s Best Friend”.

134 Sand Pine Drive, Unit 91, Barrier Dunes.jpg

Companionship is perhaps the most obvious thing that dogs give us, but this is only the beginning.  I found my husband through my dog (dog walking and he without a dog…ahem).  Loyalty.  Devotion. Unconditional Love.  Combine that with their humans and a perfect bond is formed.

Devotion – Nancy and her Journey Girl

Furever Friends Dinner!-10

Nancy and I..twinzies!


Christine & Jannie


I digress, as I would like to concentrate on the friendship between women – two women inparticular.  Each different as night and day.  Nancy and Jann,  who we met here at the Cape in 2015 walking dogs – on the beach.  Since that time a closeness has grown between a group I refer to as “Furever Friends”.

Both ladies are from Michigan – Jann, who recently sold her home in a small town, and Nancy who resides outside of Detroit.  Our friendship  with Nancy and Jann evolved and over the past few years and we have made trips to visit them and they to us.  And of course each winter, we snowbirds “flock” to our favorite place – Cape San Blas.

Friendships endure many ups and downs..especially when they are long term.  I would like to concentrate on the unique friendship between our “Golden Girls”.  (Nancy was quite insulted when I started referring to them that way, however, they have THREE Golden Retrievers..hello!).

Nancy and Jann’s friendship began some 40 odd years ago; they were both camp councillors.

Here’s the ultimate test of friendship.  Jannie, the athlete, runner, shenanigator, little leprecan with CSS (Can’t Sit Still) syndrome….

1st Beach Walk with the Golden Girls & Pickle Ball & Dinner-18

…and a turtle rescue Hero!For Claudio and Kim

….BREAKS HER LEG.  Oh no.  She didn’t just break her leg, she smashed the crap outta the sucker.   Well, a couple of dogs did on the beach when they got tangled up in her feet.

All joking aside, this was a bad break.  Really bad break. (On the positive side,  I did get to drive our truck on the beach to pick her up!).  911, First Responders (who at Cape San Blas where nothing short of AMAZING!), EMS, worried friends.  In one split second, the reality was instilled in each of us that life changes on a dime.

Jannie underwent major surgery and had some serious titanium hardware put into her shattered leg.  27545406_10211670324294258_4409899229278476918_n

And through all of the hospital visits, pain, surgery in a hospital one and a half hours away –  in a different State, THREE large golden retrievers, all day long doctor visits – long days of travel, NANCY JEAN was a true hero throughout.  Jann endured excruiating pain while medical staff bounced her around between hospitals with a badly broken leg that hadn’t been tended to yet.  She was a trouper.  They were a team.  Nancy stayed with Jannie in her hospital room after surgery and slept on a couch (and continues to sleep on the couch in the condo..”in case I don’t hear her in the night”) and has been her very best friend throughout. She has now taken on the roll of caregiver, nurse, sole dog walker, chef, chauffeur, maid…Jannie having to have people do for her when she’s the one that is urually doing for others.  But most important, each of these amazing women  provide each other the  unconditional love of friendship.  Besties.

Nancy, Jann & Jill

Florida 2017-75

It warms my heart to think of my friends here at Cape San Blas.  Many (most) are recently formed friendships.  In the face of this crisis, everyone pulled together.  Gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling…


(missing – Jann, Nancy & Claudio)

Indian Pass Raw Bar - The Original-19.jpg

Still missing – Jann, Nancy, Claudio & Kim



Jannie and pups



Food!  Lots of Food!


Family and friends..

IMG_2853 3

So hats of to you, Nancy.  You remind us of what true friendship is all about.

In conclusion, I must include our favorite toast from Jannie:-

“Raise your glasses, you drunken asses,

We celebrate our friendship tonight,

Grab your glass; Raise it high; Make sure we do it right,

We may be here, We may be there, We may be all around,

But I’ll be damn if we’re ever alone, for good friendship we have found”.

(from a woman who drinks only coffee, I might add)

I’ll leave you with a lovely quote Nancy provided during our crisis:-


P.S.  Mikey, you are and always will be my very Best Friend…

27993428_10160171318435454_8773306923108475775_o (1)

Life Is Good….


A Herd Of Turtles & Very Large Hearts

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside…Yes, even in Florida.  Due to a major dip in temperature, our sea turtles are experiencing  the second largest cold-stunning event in the Florida Panhandle since 2010, when approximately 1,800 sea turtles were rehabilitated. Sea turtles can become “cold stunned” — when their bodies go into shock due to frigid temperatures — when the waters get below 50 degrees in shallow bays and estuaries…..

Enter our Snowbird Heros….

Jann Gallager, retired officer for the Department of Natural Resourses, and a prominent and much loved member of the exclusive “Dog Walkin’ Furever Friends”,  assisted in rescuing over 850 “cold stunned” sea turtles here in Cape San Blas. Some of the sea turtles she rescued looked like they weighed more than she did!  Jann transported them approximately one and a quarter hours into the hands of Gulf World, in Panama Beach, FLA., where they are recovering in warm waters.  According to Gulf World, most of the turtles will recover within the week and returned to their waters – depending on the weather.  However, some have suffered pnuemonia and will require extra tlc.

Jann Gallager, retired officer for the Department of National Resources, and a prominent member of our Dog Walkin’ Furever Friends, assisted in rescuing over 850 cold stunned turtles.


And our Jann wasn’t the only hero here in Barrier Dunes.  Retired Vet, Jan Masica, and an owner in Barrier Dunes, stated in her facebook post that “the  turtles were rescued by people walking the shorelines and either hand carried out or transported in sleds, kayaks, and tarps. There were also people out in kayaks gathering up the turtles that were floating in shallow waters”.  Jan was instrumental in gathering many “Snowbird” volunteers to aid in the rescue and transportation of these beloved Cape San Blas sea turtles.

Jan Masica, retired vet and owner here at Barrier Dunes was instrumental in gathering snowbird volunteers to assist in the rescue


Now if that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

Back a few days upon our arrival and first beach walk.  It was a little cool..well, actually it was a lot cold! But we arrived at our second home and amazing beach.  Miles of “snow” white beaches, with very few people enjoying it except us Snowbirds and our pups!


1st Beach Walk 2018-4

1st Beach Walk 2018-23

Journey and Brody goofin around.  Nice height there, Journey!1st Beach Walk 2018-14

Forever Friends…1st Beach Walk 2018-8

Yes, that’s a Canadian Touque..1st Beach Walk 2018-9

Brody’s first dip1st Beach Walk 2018-19

A happy crew!1st Beach Walk 2018-31

And now for the necessities….Piggly Wiggly’s for groceries and The Dockside for our traditional Grouper Fingers…oh yeah!


Can’t get enough seafood…Yummy shrimp donned our tableIMG_2470

and very tired pups after a wonderful day of sunshine, swimming and playing with their friendsIMG_4675IMG_8362


And then enters Christine, Phil and Olive!

Are they here yet?Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-2

While we wait…..

Magic plays with reflections on the sand..Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-3

And there swimming, of courseChristine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-7

Tam Tam with her ball…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-12

And goofin around…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-10And trying to dunk the turtle hero…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-15

and trying to make up with the turtle hero…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-14

And there they are!  Christine, Phil and Little Olive with her ball!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-16

Can you think of a better welcoming???Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-17

True to form!  Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-22

After more than a year, we are reunited with our dear friends!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-23

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-25Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-26Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-30

One happy, wet puppy!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-32

So there’s a story about milk and the way it’s packaged in Ontario, Alberta and ummm…now in Florida.  Bags vs Jugs.  Our dear new Ennismore neighbours, Mary and Jeff, swear by the jugs and have…ahem, made a little fun of our Ontario milk “bags”.  So, as seniors, let’s see how this fends for us trying to open the “jug”….IMG_6284.JPG

So what do you think?  Bag or Jug?  Regardless, we are dining on amazing grouper fingers made by our boys….YUM!

IMG_2853 2IMG_0438

Last but certainly not least, the ladies are dining out at Apalachicola’s Owl Cafe, (with shopping to follow!) while our men are golfing….our favorite place to eat!


An amazing first week!  Now we wait for Claudio, Kimmy and Meca to join our clan this weekend!

Let me leave you with this….


Life Is Good…..


Full Circle – We’re Baaaack, Cape San Blas(t)!

After one amazing New Years Eve “pub” party at Don & Lea’s and closing said pub at 3:30am, we set out for our Florida adventure, after a delicious Rowan breakfast @ 11:am, and headed to our first stop, Windsor.

And. It. Was. Cold!  -22C and that’s not with the windchill.  You know it’s cold outside when your feet can’t get warm in the car!  The drive was fine, the hotel..well that’s another story.  PM me if you want to know what hotel in Windsor NOT to book.  I’ll leave it at that.

Off we go in the morning around 7am, temperature is now -16C.  Still very cold?  Oh no…as we travelled SOUTH, the weather got colder.  Yes, right back down to -22C until we arrived at our next stop, Knoxville Tennessee.  We stopped at La Quinta Knoxville Papermill and I recommend this hotel.  It’s right off the I95, clean and the beds are very comfortable.  They’re dog friendly and the breakfast is yummy.  Now on to our final destination!IMG_4627

The temperature was still around -8C, cold, but nothing like the -22C temps that were consistent until Tennessee.

We watched as the temps creeped up to 8C as he headed into Florida.  When stopping at the Florida welcome centre to have our traditional cup of orange juice, the nice lady there asked where we were headed in Florida, as all roads were closed from Tallahassee to Jacksonville..due to a freak snow storm.  Accidents all over the roads!  Luckily we were headed to The Cape and the roads were dry, but sky overcast.  Just as we caught sight of Port St. Joe (the closest town to The Cape), the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly on the ocean.  I’ll take this as a sign…


As we turned onto The Cape, Brody (who is a very quiet guy and doesn’t make much fuss) started crying and looking out the window, trying to alert his hooomans, that finally after being couped up in the car in this silly seat belt, he’s headed to his favorite place…Cape San Blas(t).  Where dogs can play on the beach and life is good.

We arrived at approximately 5pm and were greeted by our friends and most importantly in Brody’s world – his girl Tam Tam.  He was so happy to be here, I think he wore our his pal:-

After a fabulous dinner, totally cooked and presented by Trevor, joined by Nancy and Jannie, we headed to our Condo to a much needed rest.

Ahhhh….lovely nights sleep, awakened to thoughts of all the great memories we will make here with our friends, both furry and human.

The Cape awaits….

I’ll leave you with this…


Life is good.


An Ode To 888 Douglas Avenue

33 odd years stockpiles a plethora of  many wonderful memories.  Some before my time, but special none the less.

With the sale of our home  at 888, we are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of our lives in our forever-together home.  But first, lets reminice……

888 was purchased by Mikey and Sandra (previous administration) as their first home purchase.  Mikey tells me that the budget was strict, as the numbers were  tight, like with most young and first time homeowners.  We can all relate to this scenario – especially the youth of today who need double incomes and sometimes multiple jobs to make ends meet.

The new buyers of 888 are a young British couple who are looking forward to starting their family here…which brings me to my first memory 16 odd years ago….Family…..

Mum, AKA Gwennie, “The Queen Mother”,  Nannie Wilks…one amazing woman.  And Ellie, Gwennie’s best friend and partner in crime, another facinating lady.  Which brings me to my first meeting of my then potential mother-in-law.  BUT!  First let’s step back just a couple of days before that meeting….

In the months prior, I met the MOST wonderful man in the entire world.  No seiously.  I’m sorry folks, but he’s all mine.   Our first “date”, which wasn’t really a date, Mikey spoke fondly about his mother and the love he had for her.   I was hooked from the start.  I always told my children:-

“marry a person who treats their mother with respect and love, as that’s how they will treat you”.  

In the coming months, Mikey prepared for his mother and Ellie’s annual visit.  The flag is flying to indicate the queen in residence!  They have arrived!  They are all settled in the back yard with their favorite drinks; the weather is warm, gardens in full bloom, the pool inviting.  Mikey tells them he’s coming to see me that night – the new lady in his life. They are delighted and looking forward to meeting me the next day.  As we had shared a bottle of wine that night, Mikey stays over (on the couch!) with the thought that Gwennie and Ellie will be fast asleep by the time he sneaks in at 6am to get ready for work. Fast forward to the next morning.  BIG MISTAKE.  He finds the two English beauties sitting at the diningroom table, in their nighties, with the telephone book open in search of the number for the police to report a missing person!

The call would have gone something like this….

“911 what is your emergency?”.  (Gwennie) “I’d like to report a missing person.  My son, Michael.  He’s 5’10, medium build and very handsome.  I should tell you that he’s met a new lady friend, went over there last night and hasn’t returned.  Oh yes, he’s 51 years old”

Queen MotherDSCN2129

Beautiful EllieDSCN2168

Mother and SonDSCN2138

After Mike sheepishly told me the tale of the ladies sleepless night, I felt a wee bit of pressure entering the backyard for my meeting with my future mother in law and her most protective best friend.  I needn’t worry, the visit was wonderful and thus the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


And so, we became family……in 2004, Mike and I made it official.  We married in our backyard with our family and close friends witnessing our love and committment to one another.  It was a very casual wedding…the invitation requested that you come in your shorts, bathingsuits or whatever you felt the most comfortable.  My Fred Dad (I have two), Justice of the Peace was the officiant (how special is that?!).

0017a Gwennie, Ellie, Elise (Ellie’s daughter), Oliver(nephew)…AND Mike’s father, Les, all flew across the pond and attended.  What made our wedding so very special is that, for most of Les’ life he was plauged with agrophobia – the fear of the outdoors…so let’s delve into this story a bit more…

When we were in England that previous year, we announced our plans to marry.  Les had suffered minor strokes that year however, aquiring a form of dimensia diminished the Agrophobia!  YES!!  So, I asked Les if he would like to come to our wedding.  He was delighted.  I whipped him downstairs to the photography shop and we got his passport pics, ordered his birth certificate and booked his ticket!  When Mike saw his father being wheeled through the arrivals lounge at Pearson, the tears in my soon to be husband’s eyes told the story of a fairytale come true.  In all the years Mike was in Canada, never did he even remotely envision his father being able to visit, let alone attend his wedding..


Our Godson and two Grandsons provided me with a special delivery of trinkets attached to flowers..each was a christmas ornament with pictures of our new family…they have gracefully adorn our Christmas tree every year since.



Our daughter sang, while our son played the guitar…


04 Michelle & Joey

My sister was my Maid of Honour

0015We became family that day…The happiest day of my life


Our favorite day of the year, the first Sunday in December is our Gingerbread House building party.  Mike and I celebrated our 15th year of hand making gingerbread houses for our family and special friends to decorate.


Photo ShootDecember 13, 20152015_DSC74852015 Gingerbread


Gingerbread 2014-39

Then there’s Blue Sants…a tradition born long before our children…

There is no one that is too old to sit on the knee of Blue Santa…

Blue Santa 2015 (19 of 128)

T’was the night before Christmas….Blue Santa 2015 (26 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (40 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (44 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (57 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (65 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (51 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (79 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (109 of 128)

Blue Santa 2015 (94 of 128)

ahhh…and who could possibly forget our Secret Santa Hedge?

It all began about 7 Christmas’ ago.  We returned from a trip South in the early days of December and low and behold, our hedge at the front of our home was garnished in the most beautiful decorations.  Someone had gone to great lengths decorating our hedge.  But who?  First person to come to mind is our little Disney Princess, Tina.

Gingerbread! (70 of 117) But no; she swore on our friendship it wasn’t her.  But who?  Neighbours?  They all pleaded not guilty.  But who?  The mailman, family?  But who?  We will never know.  So every year, we put the decorations back on the hedge and EVERY year, more magically appear!  Whomever you are Secret Santa, you have made our Christmases that much more special.  We have left a bag with the special decorations for the new owners of 888 who have promised to carry on the tradition.


I love my 888 backs onto a ravine, we have many, many visitors in our backyard

Friend, Amigo, Pengyou, Vriend, Sadiq, Ami, Freund, Vinur, Cara, Amico, Filos…

…over my 61 years, I have been blessed with many Friends.

And many of these friends are asking me where the heck my blog has gone.  Hmmm…See, I was thinking (always dangerous) that maybe I was inundating people with them, so decided to cut back.  However, what I’m hearing is that many of my dear friends like to read em!  So, I’ve got some catching up to do!

Here at Cape San Blas(t) our pack keeps growing!

from left to right (Mikey, Ken, Ruth, Susan, (Trevor is missing) Kim (Claudio is missing), Jann, Nancy, Christine, Phil, Michele, (Leslie is missing), Catharine (Pete is missing) and Megang1

Most of our new friends are snowbirds, however, some are also owners here – but ALL of them are dog people.   Many of our closest friendships have been through our dogs.  Most of you know that is how Mikey and I met…and he didn’t have a dog!

Here is Jan and her lovely family…. Jan is a fellow photographer and an owner here.  Jan blesses us with her wildlife photography, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


Here’s Carol and Andy…another very talented photographer and owner!

16129197_10158238754525454_910684649_o… we also have Catharine who wears many hats as a photographer and Professional Dog Trainer.


and her hubby, Peter – who is a vet and with this pack, very handy!  feb-2-28ok, now your getting why I don’t need to take my camera out every day?

Suz & Trev…our dear friends…Love you both LOOONG time


And then there’s Ken (who introduced Mikey and I) and Ruth..again dear long time friends


Christine & Phil whom we met here last year!  Love you both LARGE


Nancy Jean, we met last year and have visited back and forth from Michigan and Pickering this past year.. beautiful inside and out.16252024_10158255327495454_5423493161732891761_o

Jannie, our little leprechaun “shenanagator” we met last year and again visited back and forth to Michigan.. so thoughtful and giving16463191_10158319184150454_2523451866368014731_o

Kim and Claudio..we met them  here last year, but really got to know them this year.. Love you both


Our fun Wisconsin friends that brought us some of their amazing CHEESE!


Leslie..where did you go!?  I didn’t get to say good-bye to you.  So wonderful to have met you and I hope we can keep in touch!


and here is a random friend that we met just today…


So…you get the picture (no pun intended) right?  We got a lotta friends.. and they keep growing. If I’ve missed anyone, it’s cuz I haven’t got a good picture of c’mon over and we’ll fix that.

Now to the point of this blog.  Like family, there are many types of friendships..acquaintences, old, new, casual, besties…When it comes to socializing here at the Cape, due to the size of our pack, many times we can’t do it all together.  But that doesn’t mean that we don’t try!

Merriam Webster defines friends as:


So blessed to call you all my friends.

I’ll leave you with this:-


Life IS Good……

Mad Dogs & Englishmen…

Although we do have Englishmen…there are definately no mad dogs here!

img_2707-editThe gang is almost complete..just waiting on Claudio –  who is currently playing at a waterpark..(he tests the rides after he builds em..currently testing one of the largest water features in Orlando).  So, if you can’t be retired, this is the next best thing!

As all of you know, it’s THAT day…Inauguration Day.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back 300 years tonight.  Hard stop.  That’s all I have to say.

Back to The Cape..  It’s been amazingly warm here for January.  Temperatures above normal since we arrived.  Mostly mid to upper 70’s (24-28C ) and we’ll take it!  We have made even more friends..the pack keeps growing.  So, let me introduce them to you.  From left to right on the picture above…Me, Brody, Mikey, Ryder, Nancy, Trevor, Susan, (Tammi is hiding), Mecca, Kim, Jannie, Magical (Clover is snoozing at home)  Christine and Olive, Leslie is standing, Phil, Ken is standing behind him and Jackson is camera shy, River is hiding behind his human, Catherine, Echo also belongs to Catherine, Nancy and Journey and Ruth is standing behind them.

There will be a test.

This, my friends, is a puddle of puppies…how fun is that?  A little sandbar for them to safely play in.  No rip tides and no SHARKS..speak of which…


Okay, Okay..all you smartypants that shouted from the hills this was are right (dah).  However, just one day after the below antics of a truly mad Englishman, a siting of a 5 foot shark not 20 feet from shore was sighted.  We all know that we’re walking “Bait” instead of dogs a dusk, as Phil eloquently put it.  But we know the “Jaws” stars come out at that time.  But the sighting was the EXACT same time the NEXT day at the SAME spot just one day after the below antics:-


Trevor & Tammiblog-pics-27

Here’s where the “Mad Dog & Englishmen” come into play….blog-pics-21

“What was that that nibbled on my toe”?


“I’m outta here…screw the man’s best friend thing”!  Run. Tammi. Run!blog-pics-28

Starring the (un) Mad Dogs and True Englishmen!blog-pics-3

Our beautiful Brody.  Thank you for taking us on vacation to the great Cape San Blas(t)!!


..and then there’s Wine and in this case, Gin O’clock for the humans…Here is Kim muddling a yummy cucmber, lime, mint and gin drink!blog-pics

Fun at the Aplalachicola Oyster Fest.  BEST ever oysters and chowder…oh ya!

blog-pics-13blog-pics-14There’s Mr. Oysterman who scared the poopies out of most of the kids! “Hey little girl, you wants some candy”?  YIKES!


Today, I will leave you with this….


Thank you for an amazing 8 years Mr. President.  You will be missed.


Life is Good………..